5 Kuba Cloth Makeover Tips for Your Home

There is nothing like home, is there? Just one step in and you know that you are going to be filled with warmth, being amidst people who love and adore you. But once in a while, you feel like your home could do with some change. A paint job seems too tiring while buying new furniture is far too costly. So what can you do to revolutionize the way your house looks without making too much effort? The answer is really quite simple: Just get hold of Kuba Cloth.

We know you must be reiterating that there’s no way a piece of fabric, least of all one which has been sourced from Africa could be the magic wand that would give your home a makeover. We are here to prove you wrong with 5 ways in which you can beautify your home with a Kuba Cloth!

Pillowcases– We have often been there when in the excitement of choosing the color pattern for the walls we settle on something extravagant and end up choosing a relatively simple sofa bed later onwards. As a result, the beautiful walls and the functional couch don’t do justice to each other at all. Allow your creative imagination to take over already! Grab hold of a Kuba Cloth in different patterns and make pillowcases out of them. It won’t cost much and all your guests would be left wondering when you became so posh and elegant.

Wall Hangings- Are you a Bohemian spirit underneath all that corporate, business-like demeanor? Or do you simply want to hide the ugly blotched up spots on your walls where age has overcome construction? You can do some interior decorating yourself by getting a Kuba Cloth framed and having the entire arrangement placed on your wall. This should bring some oriental touch to your home without going through the trouble of traveling across the world.
Sleeping Mats- Sleepovers are always fun, aren’t they? You share stories of your love life with your girlfriends, bake brownies together and watch your favorite Ryan Gosling romantic comedy with a box of tissues always on standby. But getting all the mess on your bed might be so much fun with all those control freaks out there! Just use your Kuba Cloth as a sleeping mat and see how your friends commend you for your elegant taste. Appreciation is always welcome, right?
Rugs- You’ve been meaning to invest in a high-quality rug for a long time now, but unfortunately you haven’t yet been able to accumulate the funds required for that warmth under your feet that only a great rug can provide. Try out a rug made out of Kuba Cloth and after a week of using it, you would completely forget about your erstwhile dream rug. With intricate detailing in earthy tones and boldness that commands your attention, the Kuba Cloth rugs are the ones you need to have for your home decor!

Drapes- Ever seen those movies where the heroine luxuriously gets out of bed and parts the window only to let in those stray rays of sunshine and the stunning view of the ocean in front of her? If you ever decide to change your drab curtains for those made out of the Kuba Cloth, you will begin to notice that though the view from your window might not be that great and you might be in your pajamas rather than a sexy nightgown but still your African drapes will make you feel like nothing short of a princess.
Never thought about such creative ways in which to give your home a makeover with a piece of Kuba Cloth, did you? Keep racking your brains and you just might think of new ways to use your Kuba Cloth!