5 Reasons Why Interior Design Enthusiasts Want a JuJu Hat

Juju Hats

Juju hats have become a well-received force in the world of interior design. Many people have taken an interest in juju hats, including interior designers who continue to incorporate the festive hats to their masterpieces. Even premier interior design sites such as Elle Décor and Architectural Digest are in love with juju hats!

But what’s causing the rise in popularity for juju hats?
There are dozens of reasons why this is the case, and each depends on who you talk too. We’re going to narrow down those reasons to five. So without further ado, here are the top reasons why interior design enthusiasts are going crazy over juju hats.

It reflects a rich culture
Entwined in each juju hat is the vast history of not just the Bamileke people of Western Cameroon who pioneered the creation of juju hats, but the entire African continent itself. The Aksum Kingdom in Ethiopia, for one, was considered a superpower back in the day alongside Persia, China, and Rome. Juju hats are indigenous pieces that inspire awareness towards a magnificent cultural heritage. And let’s face it, it is quite a conversation starter, too. A friend may want to know what that eye-catching design is, where it came from, or how it’s made. A juju hat is also a great tool in informing someone about the historical marvels of a great continent.

It adds color
Juju hats are made from colorful bird feathers that are meticulously attached to a raffia base. The feathers are either left in their natural color or dyed. We prefer to use high-quality organic pigments for the latter to achieve deep tones. Juju hats are perfect for those who enjoy bright and invigorating interior design. You can hang multiple juju hats in a rainbow of hues to enliven a space. They are also great for those who prefer to keep things simple and neutral, but still, want to add just a touch of color in their homes.

It adds texture
Interior design can look lifeless without textural contrast. Juju hats can provide just the right amount of texture with its splayed out feathers. They can immediately energize a monotonous design scheme, support other patterns, or have the starring role in a room’s overall design.

It adds character
It comes as no surprise that adding a single detail can instantly turn a dull room into an exciting one. Filling up space with little trinkets can make it look cluttered. A single eccentric piece is all you need to make a room pop! Displaying a juju hat right above your bed or living room sofa goes a long way. It adds character by showing your very own personality – interesting, fun, creative, and unique.

Juju hats are just plain gorgeous
They truly are, especially when they’re bunched up together! They resemble vibrant circles of fireworks that light up the sky. But they look extra radiant when light beams hit the flickering iridescent feathers.