Decorating house interiors with Juju Hats

Handmade Juju hat

Feathers have often been used as decoration, but now they are appearing in a new and exciting way. They are being used in the place of pictures and are certainly causing a stir. The feathers make up Juju hats and once on the walls will give a look that nothing else can.

If you don’t know what a Juju hat is then you have been missing out. They are hats that are weaved with feathers and their initial use was at ceremonies in Cameroon West Africa. Not all Cameroonians will be able to wear these hats, and even some of the expert manufacturers will not have the pleasure of wearing the amazing item they have helped to produce. They are very time intensive to make as it can take up to 4 experts, 4 days to put just one together.

Once the item is finished, it seems there are a few places where it could end up. Kings, chiefs and other important dignitaries could wear them for a ceremony as could the dancers who are there to entertain. Others will be made for the export market and it is these that will find their way across continents to the rooms and walls of the rich and stylish.

Some are now being made outside Cameroon, but for the really authentic look, you need to have one shipped over. They can be made in all colors, as the feathers that are collected from chickens and guinea fowl will be dyed all the colors that you can imagine.

Few people buy one thinking that it is a last resort. They can blend in with the rest of the décor or be used as the stand out feature in the room. When imported, they can come from countries other than Cameroon, but for most people that will not be an issue and they will just be happy to have such a delightful item.

Use of Juju Hats

While you would expect to find the Juju hat in a room that has a tribal theme, they are just as often in ones that have no other tribal items at all. When constructed in pastel colors, they can also fit into plain apartments and not look slightly out of place. If you want to purchase one to fit into the room that is not having a complete overhaul that will also be possible as they are widely available on the open market. You may have to wait for the exact color as there are trends and brown and white is the current favorite.

How to Hang

Clearly, this is a matter of choice but while one alone in going to be fine there is a trend to have a large one in the centre with an arrangement of smaller ones placed around it. If there is a room with high ceilings, this will be the perfect place for one of the taller jujus as they can be made from quite large feathers. Whatever is chosen you will be pleased that you decided to add Juju hat to your redecoration.