Decorating Your Home Interior with a Juju Hat Is Easier Than You Think

Authentic African juju hat

Juju hats for interior decoration are all the rage right now. These simple and lovely décor items can fill up any indoor space. While you can make your own Juju hat in about three days, it is quicker and easier to purchase it online. This is the only way to get a good quality item. Juju hats (also Bamileke hats or Tyn hats) are a great way to design your home interiors with feathers. These are loved for their simplicity and ability to add tons of volume to any space.

If you want to make a given area of your house the center of attraction, you could place a large hat near it. Alternatively, you could capture everyone’s attention by placing several Juju hats on a particular wall of your house to create a colage. Mix hats of different colors and sizes and arrange them cleverly to achieve your goal.

Who should use Juju hats?

Anyone who passionately wants to beautify their home interiors and are not sure what to use can try this Juju hat idea. As Tyn hats are easy to blend with any existing interior style, they are extremely dependable. If you haven’t tried them yet, this is your chance. These hats are so amazing, especially, when you are looking to decorate your home without overspending. These hats have different sizes and the smaller the piece the cheaper it gets. Hence, those with a tight budget should try Juju hats wall decoration.

Where you should design with Juju hats

These art pieces are all you need if your house looks dull and boring. They are adequately neutral to fit in any area of your home: bedroom, living room, bathroom, entryway, closet, kitchen and dining area. Moreover, Juju hats are bold and lovely and are capable of drawing attention on their own. Whether you are an experienced interior decorator or a novice, Tyn hats can make your dreams come true. If you are willing to be creative, there are several ways to design with Juju headdresses. Also, you can use them as wall hangings in every season and they will look just fine. However, Juju hats are more preferred during fall and winter seasons as they can brighten up all rooms with their fluffy texture and vivid colors.

Juju hats Usage ideas

As this could be the first time you are hearing about these hats, you should know how to use them to create elegance and beauty in your home. Here are nice tips for you:

  • Hang a Juju hat in your bedroom – Being the most private room in your house, a bedroom should feel hospitable, peaceful and comfortable. As Juju hats are available in several different colors, select a piece that can fit the wall behind your bed. Neutral or earth colored Bamileke hats can suit most bedrooms.
  • Decorate your living room like no other – Place a Tyn hat right above a stylish couch. Ensure that its color goes well with that of the couch and the surroundings. This hat can also be hung above your TV set or used to create a focal point somewhere else in the same room.
  • Hang several Juju hats on a single wall – This is a perfect idea when you want to make a place catchier and more graceful. Select different colored and sized Bamileke hats and hang them playfully on your wall. Then, wait for endless compliments from those who see them.

Now you know how to use a Juju hat to make your rooms more attractive and inviting. The next thing to do is to get this lovely item online.