How to Use Different Colored Juju Hats to Upgrade Your Interiors

Cameroon handmade juju hat

Did you know that Juju hats are an excellent way to design your house? They have become an item that every interior designer wants to use in their projects. Juju hats are best used when one wants to add texture and color to their wall. In their place of origin, these hats are worn during big ceremonies and cultural dances. Outside Cameroon, a Juju hat is used for decorating walls and it has become a growing trend. During construction, these hats have to be woven with completely dry feathers. So they are designed only during the dry season and every hat could take two to three days to finish. The finished product is worth it though, as it is one of the most attractive and unique works of art.

Deciding how to use Juju hats

The hardest part will be determining the right color to select as Juju hats are available in a variety of colors. Prior to getting confused by these options, decide whether you need to add matching or contrasting colors. If you need inspiration, search online for interior décor ideas with Juju hats. Meanwhile, read our ideas on how to use Tyn hats of different colors.

  • Yellow hats – These pieces are vibrant, colorful and beautiful. They can be bought when one wants to add a bold pop of color to a slightly decorated room. The yellow Juju hat will catch all the attention and jazz up the entire room.
  • Neon hats – Neon is one of the prettiest colors and it can be desirable when you wish to upgrade a less attractive room. If you have a room with dark colors, perhaps a study room, buy a neon Tyn hat and hang it on the wall. The transformation it will cause will be magical.
  • Pale pink hats – If you have a living space with a typical timber floor, wooden furniture and white walls, you can tone down the monotonous look with a pastel pink hat.
  • Orange Juju hats – As with yellow Juju hats, the orange ones are so bright and easily detectable. As a result, they should be introduced to a dull area that desperately needs a makeover. Once an orange Juju hat is placed there, the place will be irresistible.
  • White Juju hats – Being a neutral color, white can suit everywhere. Whether you want to decorate a room during the fall and winter or all through the year, white Juju hats will do the trick. They will also go well with any interior designing style and make a room brighter and classier.
  • Brown hats – These are earth-colored hats and are best placed in rooms that are already bright and charming. If you want to reduce the glimmer in these rooms, though, you can get a brown or dark-colored Tyn hat.

The above-mentioned colors are not the only ones you can find online. There are several different color variations. Nevertheless, color is not the only factor you should consider. It is vital to reflect on the size of the Juju hat too. Big and small hats do not create the same effects when hanged on a wall. Thus, you should combine small and big hats to be able to attain your designing goals.