Interior Designers Love Affair with Juju Hats

African feather wall hanging

Fashion trends come and go, and at the moment one of the main trends is the Juju hat. If you have not heard of them or seen an example, you are really missing out on a beautiful item. Otherwise known as a Tyn hat or Bamileke, it is an African headdress made from feathers. They are produced in West Africa – Cameroon in particular and are very intricate once completed. It can take up to 4 expert producers a few days to put just the one juju hat together.

 A cloth or raffia base is produced, and feathers are tightly attached to it. It is not an item that will be worn by all, but mainly high ranking tribe members and tribal dancers when an event is taking place. When brought to other countries they tend not to be used for their original use, but to decorate houses. They make amazing wall art and are seen more and more in the west as people are catching on to how magnificent they are.

Beautiful multi color JuJu hat in an interior setting

There are a number of reasons why these hats are used to spruce up a house. They can be brightly or unusually colored, so they will add an element and depth that pictures will not. The texture is different to anything else that is in the room and for someone who is unsure what they like when it comes to art, these will fit perfectly. As there are so many, it should be possible to find one that fits in with your color scheme, and of you cannot then it could be worth changing the scheme to fit the right Juju hat. Many are made in neutral colors, so will be perfect wherever you decide to put it.

It is not likely that you will be able to find another piece of artwork that will be even close to a Juju in design. They will be perfect for whichever room you decide to place them in as unlike some pieces of art they will be suitable for using in the damp environment of the bathroom.They have become a popular choice for interior designers to search out as customers have been so pleased with them in previous jobs.

They can be selected to be the focal point of the room, or to blend in and compliment other items that are on display. Depending on the size of the room there can be a Tyn hat used, or a selection as a display. Due to the range of colors, they can be changed as the weather changes. Bright blues and yellows will be perfect for the summer, while darker and deeper colors will be in keeping with the colder months.

Whatever color or size Juju hat you choose you can be sure that your room is going to look better because of its presence. It can be the perfect addition to a makeover, as while they are popular, the fact that they take time to make and are finished to perfection means that they are not going to look mass made.