Interior Designers Love Juju Hats

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Anybody who is anybody in the world of interior design will be able to tell you all about juju hats. Even of you have never heard of them, the minute you employ someone to redecorate your house you can be sure that you will soon be the proud owner of one or more. They will wax lyrical about the impact that they will have on the room and if they show you examples of other houses’ they have added them to, you will be able to see just how spectacular they are.

Just by looking at them, you will get the feeling of exotic places and events. Although they care called hats, they will not be placed on the head of anything, but upon the wall. They can add so much more than many other types of art, and with so many sizes and colors to choose from, it will be impossible to decorate a room in a way that will not look better once one has been added.

Bamileke Hats

This is another name for the Juju hat although it tends to be better know as Juju. It is so much more than an actual hat however. It can be much better described as a headdress and is given another name – the Tyn hat. They are had made and it can take up to four expert makers several days to produce just the one hat. It is for this reason that they are highly valued and only worn by the rich and important. The only other way to get to wear one is to be a dancer who performs at an important event.

Cameroon in West Africa is the birth place of the Juju hat and it may be hard to understand how they have made their way to the west. The fact is that not all the hats that appear in homes have started life as a ceremonial item on the other side of the world. Many Tyns are made more locally, and it will not be easy to see the difference without close inspection.

Making the Hat

Feathers need to be collected and dried after they have been painted in the adorable colors that are normally chosen. Black and white are sometimes chosen, but more often than not, they will be loud and vibrant. There are many birds used for this but more often than not it will be guinea fowl, chickens and some indigenous local birds that will be used.


One of the main reasons they are so effective is the fact that they will not be flat to the wall. The will stand out regardless of where they are. They will allow you to imagine the ceremonies and mystery of Cameroon even when you have not been there. You can be sure that when you have a Juju hat on your wall it will attract praise from all who set eyes on it. It will not matter which room they are placed in, they will be just as stunning and popular.