Juju Hat Uses- Discover How to Use Juju hats When Designing Your Home

Wall feather Juju hat

There are many items that become more famous for uses that are not the one for which they were originally created. The Juju hat is one such item and it is being seen in some of the most stylish places away from the area where it was created. Normally they are seen adorning the walls of the homes of people who see then as a beautiful and decorative item. Interior designers have taken such a liking to them that will be found in most of the apartments and houses that they are updating. Their foundation however is not on the walls in the homes of the rich and famous, but on the heads of members of tribes in Cameroon, West Africa.

What is a JuJu?

The Juju hat is technically a headdress rather than a hat or decoration. It is made in Central Africa – namely Cameroon and is constructed from the feathers of chickens and other outstandingly beautifully plumed birds. When in Cameroon, is it used as a ceremonial hat, but in the west, it is a decorative item much beloved by interior designers and customers alike. They can be purchased from boutiques and there will normally be a selection of colors and sizes to be chosen. If you have a specific color that you want, then a custom-made one can be provided. As long as the feathers are available, it will be possible to construct one in the colors and to the size asked for. There will be few rooms and design themes that will not benefit from having a Juju hat incorporated.

In Cameroon, the tyn hat will be worn by dancers who entertain royalty.  When the chief arranges a ceremony, the hats and dancers will be reunited. They are worn as a sign of wealth and are said to be an item that has the good qualities to be found in the birds whose feathers have been used to make them. They are a way to symbolize the fragility of life as well as all the beauty that can be found within it.

The headdresses are also worn by dignitaries. It could be the Chief, the King or one of the other people who have wealth and influence in the community. They will show that they are the important ones as a commoner would not be able to possess such an item.

Chicken feather that have been dyed vibrant colors are often used, but there are also the feathers of a variety of wild birds built into the design. The raffia band that the feathers are attached to can be unwrapped. When constructed, they are very much prized in Cameroon and the same can be said of them when they are brought to the west to be used in a different way.

For whatever reason you own a Juju hat, you can be sure that you want to have it on display. When opened up, it will spread across the wall and could easily become the focal point in the room.