Juju Hats and Interior Design

If you are having your home refurbished it is likely that you will return to find a Juju hat has been strategically placed on one of the walls. Until recently they were hardly seen, but now many interior designers around the world are using them. When you enter the room, it is bound to be the first thing that your eyes are drawn to. As they are not as flat to the wall as pictures can be, they offer another dimension to the layout.

The changing of the seasons will allow for the changing of the Juju hat display. As they come in a variety of sizes and colors they will be suitable whatever the weather. They are able to offer something that other pieces of art cannot, and this is the glamour that can be found through the bird feathers.

Once you have a number of Juju hats, you can start to set out your own design. They can be placed individually around the room to give each part its own unique look. If that is not to your taste, or you just want to change the design for a while, they can be combined to make a display. Combine the colors as you see fit and you can have a variety of displays from the same hats.

Take your time to decide how you want the display to look. There are a number of ways that the hats can be arranged. You could decide to: -

  • Place all the pale colors together and have a minimalist display
  • Put the darker ones together and bring richness to the room.
  • Mix and match the types of Juju hat equally to give a display that will really stand out.

It will be up to you to decide what your favorite combination is. Do you like one of the three above or would you rather stick to one type in the main with just the odd different one added. There are times when you can have the display all in the one hat, as not all are the one color. Some combine a wide range of colors so that one hat may be all you need.

It is not just the color of the Tyn hat that can be used to great effect. The other pieces in the room can blend in well to make the perfect display. A room decorated in white can use colored hats to make sure that they really stand out, or paler colored ones – probably not white but pale shades of other colors – to compliment what is already there.

Clearly it is not only the main living area that will benefit from having this form of display, as all rooms will look better if the right hat is place in the right place. Providing you are careful about where they are placed, there is no reason why they cannot be outside. A juju hat will not survive well in high temperatures so this needs to be taken into account when choosing their spot.