JuJu Hats for Celebrations and Home Décor

African Juju hat

Many people turn to interior designers when they want to have their homes decorated. They know that they will be able to add the flair that they would not be able to. With experience and training, they will know what is on trend and also where they can get it. The latest fashions will not pass them by and if there is a chance that it will be suitable for your house, then they will use it.

One of the most popular trends at the moment is the Juju hat. They are not used as hats but instead placed on the wall as a piece of art. Juju has long been the term for luck and being able to use these hats in the home is a stoke of good luck for you. If you can be able to get a genuine Juju, it will be perfect but if you cannot it is not the end of the world.

The official hats take time to make and each one can include the labor of up to four villagers. The end results are amazing, and it is clearly time well spent, but with the requirements growing, the people of Cameroon will not be able to cope with demand. As a result, there are people making these hats in other countries and while they are not authentic, they can be a great alternative and will be very well made.

Authentic Juju Hats

The hats are intended to be worn by kings, chiefs and other assorted dignitaries whenever there is a special event held. Dancers will also wear them and so as you can imagine, they are likely to be bright and flamboyant. Depending upon the reason for the event, the hats could be brightly colored, or, if need be, will be plain maybe black or white.


Cameroon is in West Africa  and it is here that the hats are put together. There are a lot of different areas with many being classed as Kingdoms, while others are ruled by a chief. The villages are set in beautiful surroundings with some being open grasslands and others a mixture of forest and mountains. The important tribes include: -

  • Bamoun
  • Bamileke
  • Tikar

Having been made for hundreds of years, it is understandable that the hats are a large part of tradition and some of the designs will go back a long time. They can be passed down from generation to generation and each new user and they will appreciate the time and effort that their forbears put into creating them. The feathers are said to be a sign of prosperity and pass on the good qualities of birds.


Once collected the feather have to be dried as does the grass that will be used for the base. Once this has happened the grass is sown onto the base, and once in place the feathers can be added. Once in place, there will be material that resembles a large circle and will look superb when being worn. Due to the design when the juju hat is not being used, it can be safely put away.