Kuba Cloth & Kuba Cloth Pillows

When asking an interior designer, architect or any individual for that matter as to what a Kuba cloth is and where it originates from, most will draw a blank. One can argue this to be utterly understandable because finding a Kuba cloth in the U.S or anywhere in Europe can be quite tricky making it that hard for people to understand the product. Most times Kuba cloths or Kuba pillow covers are found in cultural museums and buying one can be very expensive ranging anywhere from $800 to $1500.

The first thing most people are drawn too when staring at a Kuba fabric for the first time is always related to its pattern. These intricate and handmade patterns are merely breathtaking with each detail perfected down to the centimeter. Each cloth is typically made using a two-tone color with one acting as a background and the other (brighter) serving as a foreground color in a dimensional manner. Each cloth depending on size takes anywhere from three to seven days to complete involving the participation of both men and women. Below are great examples of what a Kuba textile could be used for;

Décor using Kuba Cloth
Many of our clients will typically buy large Kuba cloths from our website to use for various interior design projects that include table runners, a process that requires cutting an original cloth down to fit any table size, Kuba picture frames which are made from square cut Kuba cloths and framed to create a unique collage finish. Many designers will simply take an entire Kuba cloth and hang it off a wall transforming a boring looking wall to something more cultural and distinctive.

Kuba Cloth Pillows
Creating Kuba cloth pillows is another craft of its own. This process can be as time-consuming as making an entire fabric. Kuba cloth pillows are made from specific Kuba textile whose weaving is sometimes double if not triple stitched creating a more durable and long lasting pillow cover. Since each pillow cover is 100% handmade, the detail that goes into matching patterns and color is nothing short of extraordinary. Next time you shop for a Kuba cloth pillow and wonder why the prices are so high, just remember the work involved in each item including the hours spent in sourcing raw material, drying and stitching each Kuba cloth pillow by hand.