Kuba Cloth is here to Stay

Fashion might have been largely dominated by the cuts and the styles even a few years back but now it’s all about the fabric. Unless you were living under a rock all this time, you would have experienced an explosion of color through kitsch and graphic prints everywhere you went prior to a year. Be it handbags to home furnishings, cushion covers or hipster necklaces, it seemed as if such prints had taken over the world overnight! But as with everything, the era of the gaudy prints has finally come to an end, ushering in the new age of the chic Kuba cloth.

For all those amateurs out there, Kuba textile is a unique, handmade fabric with some mind-boggling designs and patterns created by the amalgamation of the hard work and artistic talents of the people belonging to the Kuba tribe in Zaire.

Here we are going to outline the ways in which Kuba textile is better than the graphics and kitschy prints so that it becomes clear why it has been taking over the business of the textile markets solely on its own shoulders!

The Rustic Charm: Kuba cloth is so much more than just a fabric which beautifies your home and your life. The tribe, which makes the Kuba cloth, takes great pains to meticulously perform the different processes of embroidery, patchwork, appliqué and dyeing processes, which are required to create the finished product. When you buy a piece of Kuba cloth, you know that it is going to be one of a kind with a story lurking behind the different symbols and the textures which vary with respect to the tribes that make it. On the other hand, the designs for the graphics and kitschy prints are taken from a template which is then replicated a thousand times in a factory.
Simplicity is Elegance: The glitz and glamour of the graphic prints were nice as long as it lasted but we knew eventually we had to come back to classic prints, which might be simple but would never go out of style. The pale white and yellowish color of the Kuba cloth is the one textile you will be most likely to find in a posh environment whereas a graphic print would only seem out of place and cheap.

Versatility at its best: There are not many fabrics out there, which can claim to be versatile in diverse circumstances, and the kitsch ones are definitely not on the list. Kuba cloth is one such variety of versatile fabrics, which can be molded in any way you want it to. You can use it as a wall hanging, like a rug, as a stole to protect you against the harsh winter or even create a tunic out of it if you are feeling funky. The best bit? You can actually pass it on to your next generation, as you would do with jewelry!

Worth every Penny: Believe it or not, the graphic prints might look cheap but they are actually quite costly because the manufacturers have to make up for the costs of the industrial large-scale production. The colors might be bright but eventually, they fade away with consequent washing. The Kuba cloth, on the other hand, is able to stand the test of time with no wear or tear whatsoever. The prices are so cheap that you would not be able to believe your luck that you got a fabric of such good quality without parting with your savings!