Kuba Pillows and Kuba Frames

The Kuba cloth originated from the Kuba kingdom in the 17th century which is today the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It was traditionally worn as a symbol of status by royalty and for ceremonial events. It is a fabric that is usually associated with affluence and prestige, despite it being affordable in its own respect. Genuinely historic and rich in cultural background, it is a prestigious work of art and makes for beautiful adornment.

The making of Kuba cloth is a time-consuming and collaborative process because great effort is put into its detailing and crafting. There are a wide variety of techniques to make the fabric including geometric applique, velvet embroidery, resist-dyeing, and patchwork.

The Kuba cloth can be used for a wide range of products. Its unique and very cultural look makes it very attractive to the eyes, and also gives it a traditional African feel of pure royalty.

Kuba pillows usually come in different designs and patterns to suit the desire of the client. Ranging from bright and engaging colors to the more conservative ones, the Kuba pillows all show elegance in its different forms. Made from the raffia bast fibers from the leaves of the raffia palm tree, the Kuba cloth is as much durable as it is beautiful. These cloths also last and still retain their color and glow even after many years of use. The fibrous and unique texture of its fabric gives it a relaxing and very comfortable feel which is in itself an important essence of a pillow.

The Kuba fabric or cloth can also be used for photo framing applications. Its cultural aesthetic look adds a feel of royalty to any picture it adorns. It is carefully made by our craftsmen and are all 100% handmade. This involves great detailing of our products to suit client requirements. Our range of frame designs are all manufactured to the latest versions of ISO standards and quality management systems. We pride ourselves in ensuring that all our products meet the most stringent of quality specifications and requirements needed to meet the necessary criteria. The toughness and durability of the material makes it resistant primarily to abrasions and wear as compared to less durable materials in the market.

So why not embrace our range of Kuba products and change the view of any space you choose to adorn with our Kuba inspired range of merchandise. Our products will surely capture the eyes of everyone who comes across it. There is indeed nothing out there like our Kuba inspired picture frames and pillows and from its beauty and durability compared with its affordable pricing, it is a considerable bargain and a fantastic return on investment.