Outdoor Safety Decorating Rules for Juju Hats



Authentic feather juju hat

Which area of your home were you planning to hang your juju hat when you first bought it? Is it the wall behind your jewel-toned velvet sofa in your living room? Just behind one of your rattan chairs in your dining room? Or maybe right above your raw maple headboard?

Definitely not outside your patio, right? Well for some, the patio is the resting spot for their juju hats. As you can see above, it is possible and the effect is lovely. It blends well with the surrounding area, too. It looks like a huge flower in full bloom!

But since authentic juju hats are really made for indoors, there certain rules that must be followed if you’re planning to hang them outdoors. This is to keep your juju hat in good shape for years to come.

Keep your juju hat under a shaded area

As you can see on the photo above, the juju hat is hanging outdoors but it’s still protected by the patio’s roof. This is important because direct sunlight will damage the feathers of an authentic juju hat. If a juju hat is constantly exposed to UV rays, the feathers will eventually turn brittle.

Your options for hanging a juju hat outdoors are in a covered patio, cabana, gazebo, or any outdoor enclosures.

Don’t hang your juju hat in an area where it will easily get wet

It’s best to keep your juju hat dry and away from areas where they will get soaked. If the feathers get wet and don’t get dried out immediately, they will permanently clump together. So hanging it near a rack of plants that will often be watered using a hose should be avoided. Same with a non-covered area where it will get rained on.

An occasional light sprinkle is okay. However, if this happens, make sure that you immediately dry the feathers completely. Do not allow it to air dry because the feathers will clump together. Get a hair dryer and use the lowest setting possible to dry it out. Make sure that there’s enough distance (5 – 10 inches) between the juju hat and the hairdryer.

Don’t place your juju hat near a fire pit

Since the materials used to create juju hats are flammable, they must be kept far away from a fire pit. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), anything that can easily burn should be placed at least 3 feet away from the fire pit. Just to be on the safe side, put your juju hat indoors when you’re using your fire pit during windy days. A hot ember might fly out and land on the feathers.

Store it during snowy months

Or better yet, hang it in one of your favorite indoor spots. Just like sunlight, winter freeze will damage the feather by making them brittle. So during this season, unhang your juju hat, put it inside the bag that it comes with, and then store it inside a dry place.

What do you think about hanging juju hats outdoors? Would you do it or are you happy with yours inside your house?