Proofs That Shows How Juju Hats Add Character to Any Space

Cameroon white juju hat

Basic is a millennial term that has a negative connotation. In the world of interior design, however, basic lay the foundation for something that can be improved or something that’s already good on its own.

There’s nothing wrong with having a basic space. But if you’re looking to add character into a basic interior, then you’ve come to the right place.

One of the easiest ways to add instant character to any space is by adding a juju hat. Those festive Cameroonian hats can easily add a punch of personality into a room and uplift its mood, too.

Don’t believe us? We’ve got some proofs to back that up! Here they are:



Gloomy interiors evokes mysteriousness and class. But let’s face it, they can sometimes be lifeless and depressing, too. Adding a bright colored juju hat will not only inject a touch of fun personality into a room, it’ll brighten it up as well.

You can go with just a single juju hat, just like the one above. But if you don't want to waste the extra space around the juju hat, go ahead and add a couple more décor. Maybe a few framed photos, some old ornaments that you got from your grandma, or some travel souvenirs.  



An interior that’s too formal isn’t really all that welcoming, is it? Adding character is one of the best ways to make it such. See how the juju hat is subtly added above?

It doesn’t deviate all that much from the modern-chic theme of the living room because the white juju hat is almost the exact same color as everything else in it. But since it’s highly textured and placed at the center of the room, your attention will still be immediately drawn to it.

You don’t really need a lot of juju hats for formal areas like this. One is enough to make the space charming and cozy.

juju-hats-different-sizes-modern house


Juju hats are a great addition to newly-built homes that are screaming for character. New homes (especially modernist homes), though stunning, can appear quite cold and brashy.

Juju hats can eliminate those. With its quirky fanned-out feathers, juju hats can serve as a warm greeting to friends who are dropping by for a visit. Not only that, they also add a layer of depth and interest to new homes. And they can be a great conversation starter, too. 



Monochromatic rooms are pretty hard to pull off than polychromatic ones. It needs different elements to keep the room from falling flat. Character and texture are two elements that can stop that from happening—and juju hats evokes both!

Dressing up the wall adds a fun persona to an otherwise cold-looking room. Monochromatic interior doesn’t have to be a single color, by the way. It can be different shades of the same color. If white is your color of choice, mix décor and beddings in varying shades of white like ivory, porcelain, egg shell, powder white, and so on.

Adding character is all in the details. Good details, that is. Don’t be afraid to mix your juju hat with other fascinating trinkets and treasures!