Simple Ways to Get Your Own Juju Hat for Interior Decoration

Is interior designing one of your top hobbies? It could as well be the career you aim to pursue. Whatever it means to you, interior designing requires more than just creativity. One has to mingle with other people who have similar interests and learn from them. Whether you will meet fellow interior designers and home décor fans on social media or face to face, the important thing is make an effort. There is a lot to be learned from different people as each designer has their own viewpoints and level of experience.

One of the new things you might learn from a fellow professional or DIY home designer is about the juju hat. Have you ever heard of it or is it a whole new term? If you this is your first time to hear about juju hats, read on to find out exactly what they are and why you should incorporate them in your work.

What’s a Juju?

This is a cultural headdress made by the Bamileke people of Cameroon, Central Africa. While it is called a Juju hat, most designers do not wear it on their heads. They have found a better use for it and that’s adorning the walls. A hat that can accentuate any wall, a Juju is available in several different colors. One is able to select from different hat sizes too, making the task of wall decoration easier than ever.

How to obtain your own Juju

Some people are so addicted to Jujus that they make them at home. If you are into DIY projects, creating your own Tyn hat (also Bamileke hat) is one of the most exciting things you could try. Simply get readily made feather trims and a few placemats online. Armed with these plus a glue gun and sewing machine, you can follow any clear Juju hat making tutorial online. 

If you want to get a hat right away, then spend some money buying the most attractive accessory online. Several sites that sell this headdress exist, including Paul Skiart. Along with the hat, you will also receive instructions on how to open the wrapped hat and hang it on your wall. As you can see, buying is the quickest way to own a lovely Bamileke hat for wall decoration.

There is yet another way to obtain this hat. This method might not work for everyone, but you won’t lose anything by trying. What you need to do is to look for the top interior designing blogs and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you become an ardent follower, you will find out when they are having giveaways and contests. So, join some exciting contests and wait for your chance to win something; and, pray hard for it to be a Juju hat. As this hat is currently a trend that every home designer wants to follow, you have a good chance of winning a juju when you join a giveaway or contest.

Once you obtain your tyn hat, try to hang it where it could effortlessly make a positive impact.