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A Tale Behind Tonga Baskets

The Tonga baskets from this area are constructed from locally sourced, long-lasting materials such as palm leaf, twigs, and makenge tree roots. The makenge root, which is known for its durability, grows stronger with each harvest owing to frequent harvesting; it is a wonderfully sustainable material for basket weaving because of this.

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Tips on How to Create A Wall Gallery With African Wall Baskets

Did you know that African wall baskets are trending now? If you are an ardent internet user, you must have seen these baskets on social media pages. And they deserve all the hype they are getting lately. These baskets can transform a boring wall space in an incredible way. If a cluster of these are hung on a wall, they can make a captivating view that could work for a range of home décor styles. Whether your home style is rustic, coastal, contemporary or traditional, these African baskets have what it takes to revamp it. Furthermore, the accessories are readily available and inexpensive. They are the easiest way to do up your plain-looking walls. If you are feeling interested in...

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Different African Wall Baskets You Can Buy Online

The internet has been used to popularize African baskets and now they are known all over the world. All baskets from countries like Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Rwanda and Botswana are all featured on major social media websites like Pinterest and Facebook. This has increased their popularity across the globe and there are more and more people looking to buy and use them for wall decorations. Various African baskets If you are looking to add a simple and stylish element to a boring area of your home, choose one of the loveliest African wall baskets. Zambian baskets should be your first consideration because they are currently the hottest wall design trend. The most renowned ones are the Tonga baskets. These...

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How To Design Your Walls With Kenyan Woven Baskets

To make your home unique, you should use exotic interior and exterior design ideas. For instance, you can decorate your walls with the Kenyan sisal baskets. These are simple-looking baskets that are used for storage, planting flowers, winnowing and ethnic home decorations. As these are natural and beautiful, they are easy to match with other African baskets from Zambia, Uganda, Botswana and Rwanda among others. Kenyan baskets are several and different in terms of sizes, shapes, raw materials, colors and uses. Some of these are plates made of wicker while others are made from pure sisal. As they are strong African wall baskets, you can drive an invisible screw via their middles and use it to hang them on the...

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The easiest Way to Create A Basket Wall in Your House

Even if you have the most attractive home, some of its rooms might be plain boring. Such rooms are in dire need of a proper makeover to go together with the rest of the home. If you have a wall you simply don’t admire, it is time to revamp it with African baskets. Interior designers are so in love with these accessories and you should as well. What are African wall baskets? These are simple woven baskets that were traditionally used for carrying sorghum and maize from the fields and for winnowing. Totally customary Tonga baskets are a good example and they feature an assortment of patterns: spider web, stripes, swirls and lighting pattern among others. These distinctive bowls have...

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