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How African Mud Cloth Colors Represent the Spirit and Culture of Africa

How African Mud Cloth Colors Represent the Spirit and Culture of Africa The old days… I have always believed that Black and white creates a strange dreamscape that color never can. When we think back to the days when life was simpler, we may dream of a time when everything was in black and white, just like the classics, such as Charlie Chaplin’s Silent Movie production, that made him one of the most well-known and beloved actors of all time. Source His films gained exponential admiration around the world, and even though he was born in London in 1889, he gained United States citizenship in 1952. The colors black and white in film then, was the dominant theme in visual productions. Before TV was...

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Looking to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring? Here’s 2 Ways How, Bamileke Style

Blossom by blossom the spring begins. - Algernon Charles Swinburne Ah, spring… as fresh as morning dew on your window sill… a time when nature awakes, and the earth begins to shake off the cold and to wake up from its winter slumber. Colors of spring are nothing but reviving. Spring is the time for renewal and new beginnings. The colors of this season represent a brighter, livelier tone than the winter blues. The uncured ultra-modern hues and shades are also associated with nature, which means that they are more natural and less artificial, as opposed to their winter counterparts. Source : Pritchett-Rapf Blog Picture that comparison for a minute… the most popular spring colors are green, yellow, and purple…...

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African art is functional, it serves a purpose. It's not dormant. It's not a means to collect the largest cheering section. It should be healing, a source a joy. Spreading positive vibrations. - Mos Def The Senufo stool. The stool that floated down to earth from the heavens, as legend has it. We have written about this thought provoking unique stool design and  how the people in Alépé make it … but even more exciting in this day and age, is how these Senufo designs have become popular with decorators in the West for their elegance in structure and their beautiful elongated designs. Identified by the extraordinary skill used to carve it, with no breaks in form, this unique handcrafted piece is...

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Why The Benin Bronze Head Remains a Sacred Art

“They speak about a very sophisticated and complex court system.” - Barbara Plankensteiner, the director of the Museum am Rothenbaum in Hamburg. Throughout life, school… we face a complex shift in perception as different courses are introduced to us, that widen our scope of what we thought the world to be, and awaken our souls to what it actually is. The deepest connection and intrigue encountered so far, and still being rediscovered day by day is that of Africa’s Culture and Heritage… And where better to start, than at the roots of one of the oldest kingdoms in West Africa that started in the 900s. The mighty medieval capital.  The Benin Dynasty ,started by Oba Oranmiyan, who was from the...

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Top 10 Ways to Create a Boho Inspired Home

The main idea behind the boho style is to make any space a comfortable area to relax in. The term “boho” now in relation to finding things unconventional, artistic, or culturally rich. While there's a long history of the bohemian people, by today’s standards it’s more of a noun that takes influences from past generations. The boho modern chic, what is widely seen today as “boho style” is a mash between vintage pieces from the 1950s to the 1970s, but also bringing a great emphasis on ethnic and handmade pieces too. If you’re wanting to create a more boho-inspired space at home, then  here are ten different ways to achieve it.

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