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Magnificence Comes In All Shapes and Sizes – The Namji Dolls of Cameroon

The most beautiful dolls in Africa. The first time I laid my eyes on the Namji Dolls, I thought to myself… what an interesting masterpiece! Before long, I had laid my eyes on another, and another, and another, and it was as if I was looking at whole new creations, alike yet so different.   Source Each Namji doll is carved with a unique stature and facial expression. Crafted by hand, they are considered original art pieces and often expensive.Their distinctive appearance that represent mother, father or child; carved into geometric shapes and adorned with colourful beads, metals, fibre, cowrie shells,coins and even leather, have created a large demand around the world for not only their shapes, but their deeper meaning. Art...

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Namji Dolls are made from African Rosewood, a tree native to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea. A single block of African Rosewood is hand carved into a geometric form and adorned with multi colored beads, metals, fiber, cowrie shells, coins, and even leather. Each doll has an individual stature and face expression. Namji Dolls are unique works of art because they are created by hand and thus have become collectibles with high prices. In auctions houses and private collections around the world, antique Namji Dolls fetch significant sums.

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