The Unique and Hand Crafted Zebra Skin Ottoman

Elegantly styled with a uniquely crafted hardwood frame, The Zebra Skin Ottoman gives a classical, colonial English, feel to your room. This hardwood Zebra Skin Rug Ottoman features an authentic Grade-A Zebra skin topside, possessing genuine leather sidelining, upholstered to perfection. Holding the leather lining is dual tacked, antiqued, brass nail heads.

The quality and aesthetic craftsmanship of our Zebra Skin Ottomans has attained critical praise all around the globe. We partner with many of the highest respected interior design firms. Employing our signature designs in Ottoman furnishing, we infuse rich African culture, furniture design, and modernism, to achieve fantastic, breathtaking, masterpieces. Each Ottoman is handcrafted using the highest quality zebra skin hides. Due to its handcrafted, we take into account the tiniest of details to ensure that we make our pieces with incredible precision, quality, and best of finishing.

We never compromise on our product quality, ensuring that we follow the quality management system of our market down to the letter. We refuse to take any shortcuts on the path of providing our customers with the highest quality products. Each ottoman in our product library is handcrafted using hand selected top grade zebra-hide. Our process substantially cuts down the risk of natural scarring, which is usually found on some skins, while also increasing the beauty and performance characteristics of our products. By hand selecting each hide, we assure our customers the quality of our ottomans is superb.

You can rest assured that you will get a great bargain by going for our Zebra Skin Ottomans. They will add grace to whichever room you place one. Quickly capturing the eye with their pleasant tones, these pieces will surely be the center of attention of anyone who comes within their presence. Durable, aesthetic, and affordable, our Zebra Ottomans makes the perfect accessory for any room. It can be the centerpiece of a room or a lounge sofa. Due to their characteristics, and versatility, there are numerous ways to apply them to your interior design. Its traditional and historical appearance offers a feel of class, prestige, and affluence, despite being quite affordable.

The Zebra Skin Rug also compliments the beautiful Zebra Skin Ottoman. Its unique texture and eye-catching design are a beauty to behold in the center of any room. It is sure to capture the attention and imagination of anyone in its presence. Whichever shade or pattern you choose, rest assured that the allure of this piece of expertly crafted rug retains its appeal and quality for years to come. Due to the strength and quality of the hide used, your rug will retain its vibrant colors and feel, even after years of display and use. It blends very well with different color ranges and is suitable for the office, home or any other space.

Our infusion of vibrant African culture and traditional English heritage radiates class, royalty, and taste. Our Zebra Skin Rug Ottomans add beauty to any interior. Whichever shade or pattern you may decide on, the Zebra Skin Rug will beautify your space while accenting the features of other items in the room. Properly maintained, they will remain soft, smooth, and slick for a lifetime.