The Best Ways to Shop for Authentic Juju Hats Online



Juju hat wall hanging

Juju hats have been a hot commodity for a couple of years now. We especially saw a huge uptick in demand since 2016. Naturally, this gave birth to an uptick in juju hat sellers, too.

Though the industry is not as big as, say, sneakers, the number of juju hats online sellers is still quite overwhelming for buyers—especially for first-time buyers.

Have no fear! We got you. Our goal is to provide you with the right facts so that you can make an informed decision.

There are several factors that you should look for when shopping for juju hats. Read on to know what they are.


Check the Seller’s Reputation

Unleash your inner detective and start digging. It’s not that hard really. Check the seller’s reputation by looking at the buyers’ reviews. Are more people happy with their purchases than those who were disappointed by it?

Check the seller’s social media presence and the website’s “about page” too. This will give you a good insight about the people behind the brand.

It’s also always a good idea to ask your friends or someone you trust about the seller that you’ve been eyeing for a while now.


Limited and Ever-Changing Supply

High-quality authentic juju hats are produced in limited quantities. They’re created based on the materials that are available, using age-old techniques that makes them truly amazing.

So don’t be surprised if the juju hat you saw two days ago on a particular site has been marked as “out of stock” or “sold out.”

And if you’re waiting for a fresh supply of the exact same juju hat, there’s a big chance that it won’t make a comeback. You’ll still get the same excellent quality when a fresh batch comes, but in different colors or color combinations.


No Two Juju Hats Are Alike

Even if two authentic juju hats look exactly the same, there will always be minute differences when they’re scrutinized up close. They’re also not 100% perfect. This is so because authentic juju hats are handcrafted. Each one is painstakingly woven by exemplary artisans for more than two weeks!

While handcrafted juju hat may have microscopic imperfections, this gives them a big edge over mass produced versions in terms of quality. They’re simply better.


Quality of Photos

The juju hat seller or juju hat online store should have high-quality photos. This is really helpful since you can’t check the product’s quality in real life. The e-store should have enough clear photos to know how the juju hat looks from afar and how they look up close.


Returns, Refunds, and Exchange Policies

It goes without saying that customer-centric juju hat sellers should have these policies in place. It should be a straightforward process that will positively affect both the customer and the seller.

There are, of course, rules especially for delicate products like juju hats. This is to filter out those who will abuse a generous return, refund, and exchange system.


Customer Service

A killer customer service should have a fast email, social media, telephone, live chat, or any type of customer support. A great juju hat seller should promptly respond to the buyer’s needs—whether that’s a simple question about the product or confirming the product’s delivery date.


We hope that you’ve learned something about the best ways to shop for juju hats online. Got questions? Hit us up! We’re happy to connect!