Multi-Color Juju Hat 30″ XL
Multi-Color Juju Hat 30″ XL
Multi-Color Juju Hat 30″ XL

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Multi-Color Juju Hat 30″ XL

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100% authentic/Cameroonian and hand crafted from dyed feathers that are sewn onto a woven raffia fiber base or commonly known as palm tree fibers. Due to the handmade nature of these pieces, no two are identical. 

Dimensions: 30 inches diameter or 80 cm.
Material: Dyed feathers & Woven raffia fiber base
Assembly: Ready to hang
Color: Black, shades of brown and white.


Shipping & Returns
Item ships within 2 business days with a flat rate of $11.99 for all U.S orders and unfortunately we do not offer any international shipping for JuJu hats. Any returns must be made within 14 days of confirmed delivery to U.S orders.




Spot clean only. You will need to spray the feathers every 3-4 months with an anti-moth spray (found in most drugs stores) to prevent damage. Juju hats are handmade and not one is perfect so minor imperfections will exist. Upon unboxing/unfolding, hang juju on wall and fluff feathers accordingly until spread evenly and hiding all gaps. Thanks