24" X 24" Mudcloth Pillow Cover
24" X 24" Mudcloth Pillow Cover
24" X 24" Mudcloth Pillow Cover
24" X 24" Mudcloth Pillow Cover


24" x 24" Mudcloth Pillow Cover

Cover Dimensions: 24" x 24” MudCloth Pillow Cover

Easily the most known and utilized African fabric across the world. The bogolanfini, commonly known as the Mudcloth, originates from Mali and typically made by women of the Bamana tribe. Utilizing multiple and local strips of woven cotton fabric, the cloth typically features geometric patterns and at times, abstract work that tends to be repetitive throughout the cloth. Traditionally, Mud cloths were used to repel evil spirits, who get confused by the geometric patterns and thus cannot enter the body of the individual wearing the cloth. Today they are a statement piece for many interior design projects.

Material: 100% Cotton Front + Black Polycotton rear

Mud cloths should be dry cleaned only. If dry cleaning is not an option for you, then spot clean or wash on “delicate” and let to air dry.

Item ships within 2-3 business days including an automatic tracking number once order has been shipped. Any returns must be made within 14 days of confirmed delivery to U.S orders. Return shipping is paid by the buyer and non-refundable. Product must be unused and in the original condition.

Please note: Pillow insert is not included and would advise purchasing an insert that is 2 inches bigger on either direction.