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INTERIOR FOCUS: Kuba Cloth Décor Inspirations You Must Try

'' Interior design is the ultimate reflection of the external world. It’s an indicator of time, of emerging trends and of collective consciousness.'' From the earliest periods in the development of man's craftsmanship, samples have been discovered and preserved which indicate that man has woven designs and motifs into fabrics. The famous Kuba Cloth fabric from The Democratic Republic of Congo, dating back to the 17th Century has gained renowned fame and recognition as a significant art tradition. The intricacy and diversity of techniques used for Kuba cloths described in a latter article, revealed the secrets of KUBA, and how they used more than one technique to create their fabrics. This brilliance has been noted across the world, with different...

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Paulski Art: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Paulski Art? Paulski Art is a direct and leading distributor of original Juju hats based in the U.S. It sells totally handmade products sourced from the Republic of Cameroon. These hats can be brought to your doorstop and you can select any color you wish. What does the term Juju means? It refers to a special headdress or hat that is made of chicken, goose or wild birds’ feathers. This cultural accessory is a respectable item in Cameroon. It is designed for the royals and reputable people and worn during festive ceremonies and burials. As these hats look extremely unique, smart and stylish, they have captured the attention of most international interior designers. They are usually hung on...

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