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How to Bring African Inspiration to Your Bedroom

Africa is a beautiful continent that has many stunning artifacts and crafts. The craftsmanship from these countries has made influences on western interior design with its bold graphics and prints. Westerners have been interested in decorating in various African themes since the British colonized certain parts of the continent. This had Europeans incorporating designs into their own interiors. This is still very popular and beloved today as it’s timeless compared to most interior trends. If you’re looking to create a beautiful African-inspired bedroom then look no further. This guide will help you choose the best décor pieces to help you create a remarkable style to completely transform into the space of your dreams.

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How to Create a Cozy Nook

Often when people think of “nooks”, those cozy little corners come to mind with cushions and a chair nuzzled next to a bookshelf. While this is a type of nook, that’s not the only thing that classifies one. These are just awkward little spaces and alcoves that can at times defy decorating such as underneath the stairs. These tricky little areas have their advantages though. They can add so much charm to your home while also serving a functional purpose. Whether you’re looking into decorating this awkward space to be used every day or just occasionally, here are some tips to create a stylish, yet practical nook.

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16 Ways to Refresh Any Space in Your Home

If you’re getting bored of your home, then it may be time to switch things up. Just like with fashion, our tastes evolve and so does or need for some change. If you’re wanting to change your space to make it feel like a brand new home, then here are 16 tips to give your home a complete refresh.

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10 Ways to Transform Your Patio This Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to get outside! The season is a great time to upgrade your patio and the rest of your outdoor living space. The patio is an excellent space for entertaining guests while getting the health benefits that the great outdoors has to offer. If you’re ready to create a beautiful outdoor living space then these ten tips can help you make a serious transformation.

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10 No-Fail Tips for Decorating Your Home

Styling is one of the most important steps in the design process. This is what makes a house into a home. The art of styling a home is something that you get to decide by adding furniture and items that not only make you happy but bring life to a room. With the beauty of styling, some tips can help make any space look marvelous. These are 10 no-fail designer-approved techniques for making your place look extra stylish.

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