Bolga Floor Basket – Paulski Art
Handmade African Floor Pot
Handmade African Floor Pot
Handmade African Floor Pot
Handmade African Floor Pot
Handmade African Floor Pot
Handmade African Floor Pot
Handmade African Floor Pot


Bolga Floor Basket

Color: Natural + Blue Black
Dimensions: 20 Inches Tall x 20 Inches Wide. Opening is 7-8" Approximately.

Rare and extremely complex African wave basket made directly by our weavers taking on average 7-10 days to make just one basket. 100% Authentic and ethically handmade using natural grass known as “Elephant grass”. This natural material has bamboo-like robustness that provides long-lasting sustainability and durability. Please note: Our Wave Baskets are made directly by us and our team of weavers. We "DO NOT" use middle people.


- Great for Pampas stems as illustrated in sample photos.
- Decorative basket on its own due to unique design and shape. Usually placed in corners.
- Faux plants and storage


- Please allow 2-4 business days for processing order. Basket will be folded in to save on shipping costs. Shaping a basket to its original form is extremely easy and instructions will be included in your box.
- Weekend or Holiday orders will be processed on the first business day.
- All orders are shipped via FedEx or USPS.
- We do not ship to P.O BOX addresses.
- We do not ship to HAWAII, ALASKA or Military Address.


Our return policy is strictly 14 days from the time you receive your order and confirmed as delivered. All returns are paid by the customer regardless of reason/cause. All returns must be in their original shipped condition.

If you have issues or problems with your order, we ask that you contact us directly to see if we can assist you in anyway or replace an order. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.


Please note that our Wave basket will be shipped deformed/flattened. This is to cut down on shipping costs as shaping the basket back to its original condition is extremely easy. To get your basket back to its original shape, simply use a hose or container to completely soak the basket. This basket is malleable so it loves water. Again soak the basket until wet, then give it 2-4 minutes for the fibers to soften up. Using one hand, push the inside of the basket to start shaping it, you'll notice the basket taking form very quickly. Once done and are happy with the look, let the basket dry outside in direct sunlight. Allow 24 hours to make sure its completely dry.