Our Story: Kuba cloth, african wall baskets, zebra ottoman and tonga baskets

Paulski Art is a celebration of culture, elegance and African Decor. As a provider of authentic handmade Kuba pillow covers, Tonga baskets, Zebra skin ottomans, and other products, our fundamental philosophy revolves around customer service and a keen eye to finding unique textiles and other African products that boast quality and celebrate African artistry. We take no shortcuts in our products and as such, provide cost-effective and superior quality products that revolve around excellent craftsmanship. This is who we are and we're proud of it.



Giving Back - kuba cloth, african wall baskets, tonga baskets, kuba cloth pillows       OUR PRIORITY

Paulski Art is a loving family of friends, relatives and designers who share a supportive appreciation for the African community, arts and culture. Since its inception in 2014, Paulski Art has been a strong advocate, helping those in need by buying directly from local artisans and using 10% of its annual profits to provide medicine, notebooks and food to the village of Vudee in the district of SAME (Tsah- Meh).

Left: Brooke on her mission in Rwanda.