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Location: London, UK
Review Notes: "Dear Brooke! My gorgeous Kuba cloth was collected today, it is so beautiful and had to share it with you. Thank you so much for all the effort and answering my questions."

- Wanda G.

Location: Austin, Texas
Review Notes: "Such a beautiful pillow case with a great attention to detail . DEFINITELY exceeded my expectations and will definitely purchase again "

- Katherine M


Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Review Notes: "Referred originally by another interior designer who worked with your team and have to say this is quality product and Brooke you are fantastic to work with and congrats again on the baby."

- Sarah Holmes.


Location: Seattle, Washington
Review Notes: "Highly recommend Paulski Art to anyone looking for high quality Kuba pillows and the customer service is the major highlight with Josh and Brooke being extremely helpful. This is definitely not the last time I work with them. "

- Carrie Lynne.


Location: Boise, Idaho
Review Notes: "Spectacular pillow cases and cant get enough of these. The textile is very durable and allows pillow to hold its shape without much effort. Need I say more! Thank you"

- Sandra Lione


Location: Tasmania, Australia
Review Notes: "Josh was very helpful and talked to me for nearly an hour (I apologize for blabbering) to better help understand the product. Very happy with the Kuba cloth's"

- Becki Rosario.


Location: New York, New York
Review Notes: "First of all your website is beautiful and compared to other online sellers, you definitely looked more professional with VERY attractive prices and a quality product."

- Joe's Boutique Store


Location: Denver, Colorado
Review Notes: "Beautiful Ottoman and grader than we imaged on the photo. The purchasing process online was seamless and all our questions answered. "

- James A. L