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Zebra Skin Ottoman

Quality Zebra Skin Rug Ottoman

Our stylistic methodology and craftsmanship over the years have enabled our zebra skin ottomans to attain praise across the US and collaboration with some of the most respected interior design firms. Using signature designs in ottoman furnishing, we combine both African culture and furniture modernism to create breathtaking masterpieces, all handmade using the finest quality of Zebra skin hides.

Each skin we use for manufacturing is treated with extra care, refined and tanned at the best tannery available to us here in Salt Lake City. We manufacture in sizes of 30"wide x 40"long x 18"high using hardwood framing, adorned with quality leather and grade A zebra hides for that unique superior look. We offer our ottomans in two shades of black and maroon faux leather. Quality and durability of our products are assured as we put a great deal of importance to our quality control and attention to detail.

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There exists a global demand for products which are made out of premium hides. Animals like crocodiles, buffaloes, Wildebeest, Kudus, Reindeer, Zebras and much more have gained a significant amount of popularity for products such as bags, shoes, wallets, rugs, shawls, hides and ottomans. Sometimes it becomes controversial as many producers engage in the production of products made out of animal skins which are on the verge of extinction. But we, here at Paulski Art ensure that our ethical standards are always maintained by only using Burchell zebra hides that have only been culled for population control through licensed government agencies.

We assure all of our customers that the very particular zebra skin (Burchell) that we are currently using is obtained from a zebra breed that is nowhere near extinction and is considered to be quite abundant/prolific with over populating numbers.