24" XL Antique Makenge Basket
24" XL Antique Makenge Basket
24" XL Antique Makenge Basket
24" XL Antique Makenge Basket
24" XL Antique Makenge Basket


24" XL Antique Makenge Basket

PLEASE NOTE: These are collectible/Antique baskets. They are old, absolutely beautiful and some will have imperfections related to aging such as fiber or stitching breaks with a slight wood/smokey smell due to being stored in traditional huts. This is a common feature known with all antique Makenge baskets.


Diameter: 24 Inches (+/- 1 Inch Margin)
Material: Makenge Root Fiber
Origin: Zambia
Colors: Typically Natural, Browns and Grays
Uses: Mantle and Wall Display (Recommend a wall nail for wall display)


A century old and traditional technique of craftsmanship, Antique Makenge Baskets were handmade by highly skilled women artisans using fibers of the makenge bush root. The root was boiled at high temperatures to soften the skin/fibers which was then dyed using natural plant ingredients to provide functional weaving fibers. Today Old Makenge baskets are near impossible to find as many villagers no longer make them due to the intricate and time consuming process.

A single basket then, took anywhere between 4 - 6 weeks to construct and required a lot of patience. It is no wonder why these baskets were used as a bridal gift and kept as an heirloom representing a new life journey (marriage), family and prosperity.


- Wood/Smokey smell is a common feature with old Makenge baskets as most were stored in traditional huts with wood burning stoves. Any organic air spray can be used.
- Clean core of basket with a damp cloth and allow to dry as needed. Avoid brim to minimize braid damage.
- Display of baskets can be on a mantle or leaned against a wall. If hanging on a wall, we recommend thin profile nails with wide heads. 


Please allow 2-4 business days to process each order. Basket will be shipped via UPS ground. Due to the intricate and antique nature of each basket, we do not accept any returns. If you have any questions, kindly let us know prior to ordering. Images shown are of actual product.