Cameroon Fang Tribal Mask
Cameroon Fang Tribal Mask
Cameroon Fang Tribal Mask
Cameroon Fang Tribal Mask
Cameroon Fang Tribal Mask


Cameroon Fang Tribal Mask

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Dimensions: 21” x 9” x 7”
Materials: Hardwood Carved Mask with Cowrie, Beading and Metal work.
Tribal Background: Beaded Cameroon Fang Ngil Mask


Traditional fang mask originating from Cameroon. Exterior and interior surfaces are in excellent condition with surface finished in Cowrie, white beading and Metal. This beautiful and large mask will be sure to get some attention in any interior configuration.

The Fang people, also known as Fãn or Pahouin, are a Central African ethnic group found in Equatorial Guinea, northern Gabon, and southern Cameroon. The art works of Fang people, particularly from wood, iron and steatite, are regionally famous. Their wooden masks and idol carvings are on display at numerous museums of the world. Discovery of Fang artwork was source of inspiration for much of the European avant-garde artwork created during the 20th century.
Many of their masks were used for ceremonial and ritual practices that included funerals, weddings and tribal dances. If you have any questions pertaining to this mask, please feel free to contact us.


Please note these are traditional/old masks. "Imperfections are to be expected" such as dings, broken cowrie shells and minor cracks. We do our best to showcase the mask using as many photos as possible. Mask is in excellent condition.


Mask comes with a string loop on back for wall display.


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