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Natural Woven Basket Tote Bag
Natural Woven Basket Tote Bag
Natural Woven Basket Tote Bag
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Natural Woven Basket Tote Bag

Dimension: 22"W x 16"T x 6" Internal Depth
Color: Natural
Materials: 100% Natural Elephant Grass ( Woven by Hand)
Uses: Daily Bag, Market Basket, Shopping Basket, Beach Bag etc.


Our African woven basket bags are 100% Authentic and ethically handmade by our weavers in Ghana (Fair Trade Program) using natural grass known as “Elephant grass”. This natural material has bamboo-like robustness that provides long-lasting sustainability and durability.


Please allow 2-4 business days to process each order. Baskets are sometimes folded in to save on shipping. Orders are shipped via UPS or USPS options.


We have a strict no return policy on our Woven baskets. We only accept returns under the following criteria’s;
- You received a damaged basket (Baskets are inspected prior to shipping)
- Order lost in transit (please note: Lost or stolen packages after confirmed delivery don’t count)
- Item received is not as described ( Ex: wrong colors, patterns and design)


When un-boxing your order, you may find that your basket is deformed or misshaped, fear not as your basket is completely fine. Re-shaping your basket is very easy and your order should include an instruction card. Simply soak the basket in hot water (hose, shower head, sink etc.) until wet. Avoid soaking the leather handle. With both hands, use firm pressure to shape the basket accordingly. Allow for 24 hours to dry outside.