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African Wave Light Pendant
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African Wave Light Pendant

Paulski Art

African Wave Light Pendant

DIMENSIONS: 20" Wide (Bottom) x 11" Tall (+/- 1 Inch)

Material: African Elephant Grass
Color: Natural
Best Suited For: Ambient/Warm Interior Lighting
Production: 100% Handmade/Woven


- 1 Wave Light Pendant ( Not Pair)
- Black Pendant Lighting Kit ( Ready to Hang. Bulb NOT Included)


Intricately woven by hand with its complex organic wave design, this rare and unique style of weaving originates from Ghana and utilizes elephant grass for production. Each pendant takes on average 7-10 days for our team to produce, showing just how tedious the process can be from start to finish. The design features lattice openings that are intentional and allow light to escape beautifully without causing any harsh or bright appearance. The natural basket color in combination with a warm output bulb ( Ex: Edison Bulb) gives for a beautiful ambient and warm lighting best suited for interiors.


- Our Wave pendant basket comes with an all black pendant hanging kit that is adjustable in length with up to 59 inches in total length.
- Wattage: 60W
- Lamp Base: E26
- Voltage: AC 110V
- Bulb Recommendation: Highly recommend any Zero to Low Heat 60W compatible bulb. LED bulbs are best for this as they "do not" emit heat.


The one unique thing about our wave baskets is that they are malleable and can shape easily with warm water. In the case you receive your pendant basket and its somewhat misshapen, please fear not. Simply soak the affected areas with warm water and shape with your hands. Allow basket 24 hours to fully dry and "DO NOT" hang basket pendant while wet with any power outage. This can be extremely dangerous. Practice safety please.


- Wipe with a damp cloth or use compressed air cans to blow off dust.
- DO NOT shape basket with water while its connected to any power output. Do this before connecting power and make sure basket is 100% dry before hand. Safety first please.


- Please allow 2-4 business days for processing order.
- Weekend or Holiday orders will be processed on the first business day.
- All orders are shipped via FedEx or UPS.
- We do not ship to P.O BOX addresses.
- We do not ship to HAWAII, ALASKA or Military Address.


Returns can be made within 14 days of confirmed delivery. We do not accept any returns exceeding this window. Kindly contact us before hand so we can assist you with this.