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The Different Types of African Tribal Masks

There are many different types of African tribal masks, each with their own purposes and meanings. Some masks are used during ceremonies, some for protection, some as hunting regalia, and others as decorative pieces on the wall. Of course there is overlap between those uses sometimes depending on what type of tribe it represents or how the culture treats their people. Below you'll find more information about the different types of African tribal masks and what they represent within tribes all across Africa! You can even buy these african tribal masks for your home décor today!

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Boho Obsession: Senufo Stool and It's Origin

West African Senufo stools have been all over the place lately. They're easily the most beautiful piece of wood furniture I've seen in a long time. They effortlessly blend rustic, worn, and rich wood tones with basic carved legs and a gently convex seat to create a breathtakingly classic item that is both elegant and comfortable at the same time.

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Bamileke Stool: Modern Day African Throne

That exquisite hand-carved table you've been admiring in some of your favorite homes has a fascinating back-story. In reality, it isn't even a table; it's a handmade throne manufactured and designed specifically for royalty. The Bamileke stool is not only a work of art but also an important cultural artifact and historical touch point in the region.

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