Paulski Art Product Videos


Paulski Art strives to provide its clients with quality and authentic African made products that will be sure to make an impact in any interior space. Photography does a great job in highlighting this promise, but we are firm believers of also showcasing our content in the form of videography. Close-ups and panning allow clients a perspective to see the tiny details of each product cementing their decision to buy from us. If you have any questions relating to one of our products, please feel free to contact us.


Behind the scenes look at how we craft and construct our Kuba pillow covers. Kuba cloth is a traditional patterned textile made from the raffia tree by the Bakuba people of Congo. They dye the raffia leaves using mud or liquid from the camwood tree and then rub the fabrics by hand, so they’re soft and more manageable to weave. They proceed to stitch the cloth by pulling raffia fibers through it. It is an extremely time-consuming and a delicate craft. To Shop our covers, see link below.