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African Tonga Basket: Tonga baskets are handmade by women of the Tonga tribe in Zambia, known throughout the world for their basket weaving techniques and skill. Each basket is treated with equal care, and creativity, taking about two weeks for one design with its unique patterns. The baskets are made out of Ilala palm leaves, each one hand-picked and specially selected. The baskets all have an individual construction and once complete, transform from a beautiful and natural raw product to a beautiful, natural and sturdy artistic statement. 

 Tonga baskets were traditionally made to carry agricultural produce and to serve food. To this very day, you can see women working the fields, balancing Tonga baskets on their heads. They are still used out in the farmlands of Zambia and other parts of Africa, but steadily they have become much more desired in the decor world.

Tonga baskets have square bottoms so they can easily stand alone. Each basket is a different size, symmetry and pattern. They come in natural colors, creams, browns, earthy reds and greens, and only natural dyes are used. They’re a beautiful way to bring a little African design into your traditional or contemporary home. Many people create Tonga basket displays on their walls, while others use them in the kitchen or as creative decor accessories. 

 No matter what you are using your Tonga basket (or baskets) for, they look beautiful in any home. Our Tonga baskets are of top quality, 100% unique with extraordinary texture and symmetry. It’s sometimes hard to believe they are woven by hand. Display them together, individually, or create a collage statement. Each Tonga basket will have you in awe of the women who make them.