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Top 10 Ways to Create a Boho Inspired Home

The main idea behind the boho style is to make any space a comfortable area to relax in. The term “boho” now in relation to finding things unconventional, artistic, or culturally rich. While there's a long history of the bohemian people, by today’s standards it’s more of a noun that takes influences from past generations. The boho modern chic, what is widely seen today as “boho style” is a mash between vintage pieces from the 1950s to the 1970s, but also bringing a great emphasis on ethnic and handmade pieces too. If you’re wanting to create a more boho-inspired space at home, then  here are ten different ways to achieve it.

Variety of textiles

One thing that a bohemian-style home never lacks is texture. It’s so easy to add texture, you can add baskets, tapestries, wood, artwork, or anything made from any kind of different or unique material. More is more, and maximalism is huge in this style. So be sure to add a bunch of stuff that you love. You can move around items and play with different shapes and materials until it feels right. If you think your space is getting too cluttered then you can always pare it back.

Adding vintage or handmade pieces

Any interesting home space will have either handmade or vintage pieces. Perfect items to search for are wood, wicker, and other natural materials. These sorts of materials never truly fade out of fashion and can easily blend into space. Adding some old with something new can help fuse the two to create a beautiful space.

A Senufo stool makes an excellent addition to any boho space. Coming from the Ivory Coast from the Senufo Tribe, these beautiful pieces of art are 100% handmade and are antiques. While “stool” may be the name, these are too old for sitting in but make an excellent edition to decorate shelves, tables, and tucked next to end tables. This is a perfect piece for any boho home because it came from African so it’s rich in culture and authenticity.

Light earthy tones

These boho-inspired rooms are often very bright and airy, this is one of the key elements to creating  a space like this. You won’t often see many dark colors or elements in this space, but nothing too light either such as pastels. It is mostly white with earthy tones that range from light to semi-dark.

Light and dark wood are both perfect colors that you can easily spot in any bohemian room, so be sure to use these.

A mix of patterns and colors

All rules go out the window when it comes to mixing patterns and colors for the boho-chic look. With this maximalist style, all color contrasts complement each other rather than go against one another, the same goes for patterns. While geometric patterns are the hallmark of a boho chick look, African tribal designs are making waves. If you’re not interested in bright colors, then more earthy tones such as mustard yellow and rusty orange will do just fine.

Add global accents

Boho culture has a history of celebrating artists worldwide. This is one of the aspects of the boho style that tie it all together. You can have your shelves and walls covered in rich cultural accents such as wall baskets and traditional African masks. You can also display your souvenirs if you’ve had the opportunity to travel. All these ethnic-eclectic pieces will make your space appear sophisticated and well-cultured. There are no rules, rhymes, or reason, so you can display your art collection however you please.

Bring nature indoors

One thing a boho space is never lacking is plants. Chances are, if you’re looking on Instagram at boho-inspired rooms, you’re going to see three plants at the very least. Plants effortlessly give off a “jungley” sort of a vibe, plus they’re known to positively impact your health by producing clean air. You’ll often find hanging plants such as pothos and spider plants in every boho space, but any size plant will do just perfectly. If you’re the type that kills plants easily, then be sure to look into some resilient ones such as cacti. These popular little plants come in so many varieties and sizes, and you’ll often see these in boho spaces too.

Low-level seating

Low-level seats are great for a boho environment. While these may not be everyone's cup of tea, they transmit a “relax” type of vibe. Floor pillows, ottomans, poufs, and maybe an antique African stool to act as a small table are all great ingredients that can’t be missed for making your space more personal. The modern boho philosophy is about relaxing and kicking it back. So it’s important to have an inviting area that has this sort of atmosphere ,this will allow guests to sit down and stay awhile.

Bring in right lighting

Lighting is important for any space and this includes the bohemian as well, as most of the style is built upon being light and airy. You can try string lights, lanterns, chandeliers, but what looks great for any boho style room would be light pendants made from natural fiber.

Lots of rugs

Layering rugs adds even more texture to your room, and this style already has a lot of texture going on. Layering up rugs gives you an extra opportunity to mix up some patterns and colors. You can try to layer a bright vintage rug on top of a natural fiber rug. The possibilities are simply endless with this boho design tip.

Plenty of throw pillows and blankets

You’re going to find plenty of throw pillows and blankets in a space that is based on the boho style. These add more color and texture to an already very maximized space. Big cozy blankets can be used for different purposes such as draping it over furniture, place it in a basket to add a slight accent to the floor, or even just for its intended purpose of getting you all warm and cozy.