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What is All The Hype With JuJu Hats

Juju hat, also known in Cameroon as Bamileke or Tyn hat, has come a long way from being traditional ceremonial headgear to decorating beautiful interior designer homes as contemporary wall decorations.

The Bamileke people have been making these helmets for their tribal rulers, royalty, and high-ranking officials to wear during traditional ceremonies for hundreds of years. They're frequently worn with the Elephant Mask or Mbap Mteng, which personify power and money. When an elder dies, the hat is passed on to the next in line, who may inherit the wealth and stature of the person who has died. Juju hats are also worn at carnivals and dance gatherings. 

Made by rural Cameroonians in an intricate manner. Each hat is one-of-a-kind and takes about two to three days to complete. These artisans have been producing this headwear for decades, and they are accomplished weavers. They're made throughout the dry season so the grass and feathers can fully dry before they're woven.

Each time you pick up a standard Juju Hat and move it slightly, the feathers will settle into place. The grass base of the hats is skillfully woven to provide a sturdy foundation for the wood slats that run up the sides, forming a large circular platform on which all cured and dyed feathers are fitted one at a time to produce beautiful three-dimensional effects. When traveling or storing, the Juju hat folds itself in half for easy transport. You'll find Juju Hats being sold in Cameroon or any excellent market in Sub-Saharan Africa if you go to Cameroon or any other country with good markets.

Today, the Juju Hat is a popular wall hanging for homes, hotels, bars, restaurants and other types of interior spaces. It has also become a modern and colorful item of clothing.

They are utilized by well-known interior designers for their customers, get written about on blogs and seen on TV, and are sold all around the world in markets, boutiques, and online stores. The Juju hat has texture and color while also conveying a raw feeling of being from Africa, untamed and free. It's stunning in its variety of hues and forms when hanging on the wall.