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Kuba Cloth Textile: History and Fabrication

The process of weaving Kuba cloth begins with creating a net called a 'sandi' which will hold all threads together. This part of the loom is made from dried grass or reeds that are bound together with vines or fibers from shrubs. After that comes the actual weaving which requires about 100 vertical wooden posts known as 'nsevus'. These structures must be led directly over the horizontal planks called 'nsambi', so they're very difficult to make themselves—a task usually left to experienced men who specialize in this area.

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The Senufo stool is the most significant furniture piece in Africa, which typically takes the form of a chair or a bench. Because each person is entitled to a specific sort of seat that corresponds to his or her social ranking, it serves as a social badge. It was claimed that a guy was evaluated and respected based on the sort of stool he used.

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How to Bring African Influences to Mid-century Modern Style

The mid-century modern interior has become very popular over the last five years. This distinct beauty can bring people back in time thanks to their vintage appeal and the fact that most furniture is not mass-produced like it is today. A unique combination that works out beautifully with mid-century modern would be pairing it with African interior influences. It’s not as farfetched or difficult as you may think. These share many common elements from the dark carved wood, to the pops of color, and geometric patterns. If you’re looking into combining your love for mid-century modern with your appreciation for African cultures, then continue reading on for styling tips.

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