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10 No-Fail Tips for Decorating Your Home

Styling is one of the most important steps in the design process. This is what makes a house into a home. The art of styling a home is something that you get to decide by adding furniture and items that not only make you happy but bring life to a room. With the beauty of styling, some tips can help make any space look marvelous. These are 10 no-fail designer-approved techniques for making your place look extra stylish.

Layer your rugs
This is currently a popular interior design trend, you’ll often see this if you check out living rooms and other spaces on social media. While this may be a bit of a trend, it’s an excellent technique that can help create a very warm and cozy space. This can add dimension and color by mixing and matching different patterns. While it’s best to go with more authentic and fair trade rugs if you’re unable to find one then you can check out your local rug supplier or even a thrift shop for unique rugs.

Style your shelves with more than just books
Bookshelves don’t need to be just for books, there's potential for so much more. Books are an excellent way to decorate the home such as placing them on nightstands and coffee tables. But if done properly, it can make your bookshelf look very chic too. Stack your books on top of one another on your bookshelf, this will add some height, dimension, and even some personality to the space. Be sure to have small stacks on your shelf and top them off with decorative accents such as the Senufo stool or maybe a Rwanda Basket. Not only will something beautifully handcrafted like these look amazing on your bookshelf, but they can also help balance out the colors from the stack of books. This décor on the shelf will be a great way to display your love for the arts, culture, and all of your other interests.

Add a personal touch with fashion accessories
If you love to shop fashion, then you may be able to nicely display these accessories as a home décor accent. This is a less obvious way to proudly show off what you have.
Accessories such as Bolga straw hats can help make a wall look more layered. You can use any sort of hat that you like but often women's straw hats help make a sculptural addition to the walls.

Add some greenery
Adding some greenery can liven up the place. This greenery can be in the form of houseplants, bouquets, or something such as decorative olive branches. These styling tools add so much color, life, and texture to a space. Plants are not a one-size-fits-all, which means both big and small plants can do wonders. Try to make use out of empty corners by setting larger plants such as fiddle leaf fig trees or a tall White Birds of Paradise. While it can be a little difficult to properly keep some plants alive, there is also always the option of purchasing a faux one that looks realistic. Whatever you decide, you’ll be able to sit back and admire the color and textures you brought to your space with a touch of greenery.

Group items together
While some items do deserve a spotlight, most styling methods focus on allow multiple items to work together. Often with interior design, you’ll see decorative accents grouped in a space, and the same can be said for furniture. An example of this would be grouping a chair with a rug, end table, and a plant. This can help make the room feel more inviting, and the general space will look as if someone lives there. This can easily be done with furniture and accents that you already own.

Mix old with new
Mixing vintage products or antiques with something modern makes for an impeccable combination. This can add a sophisticated, yet elegant touch to your space. You can easily find chic modern décor for low prices from retailers. Just be sure to not go overboard with items or else it may come off looking like a collection rather than a tasteful style preference. Vintage products or antiques can often be easy to find as well. There are beautiful handmade antiques such as Senufo Stools, that can be properly placed on a shelf or next to an end table that can bring age to the space

Add some cultural influences
Whether you want to display and celebrate your culture at home or show appreciation to another culture, interior design allows this to shine. Paulski Art has a variety of fair trade authentic African décor pieces that can bring a beautiful touch of Africa into your home. Displaying these handmade items shows the respect that you’re given to these creators from a particular tradition and way of life. It has shown a sense of understanding of the meaning behind these particular practices and connecting to them.

Mix up your textiles
Textiles are a go-to element for adding some interesting textures, colors, and patterns to a room. Some of these examples can be throw pillow covers, a rug, blankets, tapestries, or even curtains to name a few. You can even go for a more fun look with something eye-catching such as a JuJu Hat. They can help make a room look more custom and interesting, plus it’s even better if there is a contrast to each of the textiles.

Tell a story with your style
If you want to home makeover to feel “done” then you need to add some personality to it, these are what your guests want to see. It can be as easy as family photos displayed on an end table, souvenirs from places you’ve traveled to, or even artwork drawn by your child. Tell a story with your styling so your home can truly feel like your home.

Lighting is key
Lighting can add another dimension to space which can bring the design project to life. Good lighting is key, as this will create depth, height, plus it will draw attention to impressive areas.

It’s best to try to balance the light with the shade. Light fixtures will offer different ways to display and spread the light. Pendant lights are a very popular choice and can look lovely in any room, pick a fixture that matches your personality but also allows the space to thrive.