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10 Ways to Transform Your Patio This Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to get outside! The season is a great time to upgrade your patio and the rest of your outdoor living space. The patio is an excellent space for entertaining guests while getting the health benefits that the great outdoors has to offer. If you’re ready to create a beautiful outdoor living space then these ten tips can help you make a serious transformation.

Invest to create an outdoor living area

Your patio should be that of a living room, except this is placed outdoors. This should be a calming area to relax, unwind, and get a breath of fresh air. This theme has been becoming more popular with homeowners as it ties into a cohesive theme running between the indoor living area and the outdoor. This space can continue telling the story of your interiors and the design choices that you’ve made. The living area, whether it be a patio or deck, should feel just as comfortable as the space inside of your home.

The right patio furniture makes a world of a difference

The furniture you select will often be the focal point of the patio. Patios should be a comfortable zone full of relaxation, so be sure to add the right seating. When you’re choosing seats, there are several factors that you need to put into consideration. You’ll need to ask yourself where the furniture will be stored during the off-season. Also, think about how much room your patio has available. If you’re wanting to have enough seating for everyone, then you’ll also want some room for people to move around.

It’s best to choose furniture that isn’t too bulky but still matches the style you’re going for. Your cushions and pillows should also be kept in consideration as this is a part of the focal piece. If you’re wanting to have your furniture stand out just a little, then something such as a Mud Cloth Pillow Cover could be marvelous. Adding a centerpiece to your outdoor table is an excellent idea as well, since this is also a dining table after all. You can decorate the table by adding a vase of freshly cut flowers or even a basket to tie in the whole look together with your space.

Add a fireplace for those cozy nights

A firepit can be more than just a decorative item. It can also provide some warmth for when the cooler evenings roll around. These are also excellent for grilling when you’re having guests over for something such as an outdoor party or barbeque. Fire pits come in different forms, and they all come in a variety of styles. So be sure to pick one that fits the appearance that you’re after but also the fuel it uses ( such as propane).

Use Texture to add interest

Using a mash of textures can add a lot to a patio. Something such as pavers can add a lot of functionality to an outdoor living space because it contrasts with the greenery of the grass  surrounding it. Textures don’t only need to be landscaping oriented, as they can also be used for creating contrast in décor and furniture. Wood can make for an excellent texture for any space as it can easily match in with any décor. Senufo stools can make for an excellent décor piece for any outdoor shelving, as they’re small and their aged look and texture give a calming effect on the space.

More can be better

While the cluttered look can be overwhelming for a closed-in space such as indoors, you don’t need to be minimalistic outside. The outdoors is so open compared to inside, that the minimalistic approach may not be enough. For instance, you can decorate the surrounding walls with something such as Rwanda baskets or simply add some coziness by mixing colors, patterns, and textures for a sense of comfort. You don’t need to be basic and you can simply add as much as you like to create your dream outdoor patio.

Textiles dress-up space

Textiles are a splendid way to dress up your space. They add a lot of texture and color thanks to their designs. It’s important to maintain a sense of balance when adding textiles. You’ll want the textiles to be bold, but to also blend in so nothing has to “fight” to be noticed. While you can easily opt into choosing an outdoor rug, tapestries can be a spectacular way to add some textiles while giving your wall some extra love. An African Kuba Cloth Tapestry can look exceptional on your wall, especially if you’re trying to add more earthy tones to your patio.

Liven up with lighting

Outdoor lighting can help your patio look lively as this provides an artistic and beautiful setup. One  of the beauties of outdoor lighting is that there are so many options. You can use trendy string lights, get creative by using a chandelier, some kind of light pendant, or do something more whimsical like surrounding your patio with small lights.

Consider your surroundings

Your surroundings will also make an impact on how your patio or outdoor living space will look. You get privacy inside of your home, so why not outside too? If your space is too open you can always set up some privacy in your backyard by putting up a fence or planting some shrubs. Doing some landscaping can also make a tremendous impact on the appearance. Try adding some aromatic  flowers and a water feature can give can bring some tranquility to you.

Make a statement with plants

Adding big bold houseplants to your patio is a great solution to adding some greenery to space. Depending on what sort of style you’re going for, you can complement it with certain styles of plants. For example, if you’re doing a more tropical theme for your patio, or even a jungalow, then tropical plants such as palm trees and birds of paradise can make for excellent options. These thrive off heat and humidity which makes them excellent as a decorative piece for a summer patio. Once it gets cool enough outside, you can simply place them inside your house to elevate the interior there.

Don’t forget about the pots, this can also be an important factor when styling your space. Pots can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. So you’ll want to look into what will most likely complement your space. Floor baskets can make for an exceptional pot as these earthy tones can easily blend into any space.

Create a shaded area from the sun

A shaded area is a must for any cozy outdoor living area. Not only will the shade protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, but it will be a nice area to cool off. These shaded areas can add a nice element of décor if done properly. Parasols, gazebos, and canopies are excellent options as there are   a wide variety of colors and styles to match any theme. But if you’re wanting to go more with   nature, then using trees or covering a pergola in vines would be perfect.