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16 Ways to Refresh Any Space in Your Home

If you’re getting bored of your home, then it may be time to switch things up. Just like with fashion, our tastes evolve and so does or need for some change. If you’re wanting to change your space to make it feel like a brand new home, then here are 16 tips to give your home a complete refresh.

Have a Statement Wall

Having a statement wall regardless of the room it’s in, is an easy way to make a big change without too much effort. You can just experiment until you find something you like such as a flashy printed wallpaper, a big gallery wall, shelving, or maybe even a new paint color to complement the rest of the décor in your space.

Refresh with Accent Pieces

A very easy way to give a room a complete refresh would be swapping out some of the accent pieces with something else. A great example of this would be changing your pillow covers on your coach to a new color or design. You can also just add new things rather than switching stuff out. You can try adding something that can blend in such as a Senufo Stool, an accented African antique like this is unique enough to bring a lot of attention and life, but the color and structure are easily blendable as well. Switching out colored candles and scents is also a wonderful way to refresh a room.

Add a Statement Piece

If you’re needing a huge update in your space, you can try going with a statement piece. These are considered to be large and bold pieces that stand out among the rest. You can try an oversized piece of artwork or even a traditional African Tribal Mask to hang up on your wall. Not only does this make a statement, but you bring culture and history into your space.

Statement pieces help make the room interesting but also help small rooms appear larger.

Rearrange Furniture

One of the easiest ways to give a room a complete refresh would be to just rearrange the furniture. Trying something new (and free) is a great way to decorate a room differently. You can try something new such as having an open bookshelf for decorative accents, or maybe something as simple as moving the couch to the other side of the room. Just use your imagination and take décor from one place to another. Items that have been place in one spot for such a long time can make the space look a little too stagnant. Just rearrange until you feel like there is some balance.

Replace Hardware

This is a very simple step that can make a difference. Replacing hardware such as doorknobs, drawer pulls, and faucets can make a huge impact. These little changes will make a serious

change to the space. You can easily find replacements from your local hardware store or even online.

Fix the Clutter

If your space is too crowded then maybe it’s time to take care of that clutter. Placing too many items in one room can make it feel claustrophobic and give off the impression that it’s a small space. You should sort through what you want in your space and what has to go.

Lightening a space by removing items will help allow everyone in the space to breathe, plus it will look far more inviting.

Add Some Greenery

Plants have the power to make any room feel so bright and inviting. There are plenty of houseplants that are low maintenance that anybody can easily take care of. When you’re looking into getting plants, just make sure you're choosing ones that can live in the environmental conditions of your home. You’ll want to think about whether the plant is safe for pets, and how much sunlight they’ll need.

Try a New Rug

A textile, like a rug, can be a spectacular way to add some warmth and color to any room. This also adds more dimension as well. Be sure to get a rug that is the correct size for your space. You’ll have to have your furniture resting on your rug to have space look well put together.

Look at Your Windows

What often gets overlooked when giving a room a new makeover would be the area around the windows. Try switching out your curtains to a new color, or even material such as sheer to let in more sunlight. If you’re using blinds for your window, switch to a different color, design, or go with nothing at all for a clean bright look. Don’t forget to clean your windows, this doesn’t get done often, but can help bring in more sunlight.

Adding Artwork

There are so many options when it comes to artwork. If you’re looking into artwork for your space, figure out if it’s something you want to hang or if it’s something that you want to place. Hanging artwork such as wall baskets is a great way to add some African culture and color into your home.

Add Some Color

Painting is one of the easiest ways to give your room a brand new look. You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to painting, plus you don’t even need to paint an entire room. Having a feature wall is becoming more of a common trend that brings in additional color without being too overbearing. There aren’t any limits with painting, and there are plenty of designs you could try as well. Painting doesn’t even need to be for just the walls either, painting some furniture or decorative accent is another way to rejuvenate the items and give them a fun new look.

Rearrange the Books

If you have a lot of books, you can also use this as a styling tool. Books are a wonderful way to show off our personality, but can also be great for decorative accents. You can rearrange your bookshelf to where books are stacked and then add a nice accent on top for some flair. Another great idea is to have a small stack of books as centerpieces an end table or coffee table. It’s neutral enough to blend in but it still helps add a bit of dimension that gives the room a new appearance.

Display Your Closet

A fun little way to add some texture and color to your wall would be to display stuff that’s typically in your closet. Hats can make a great statement piece, these styling tools can look wonderful if done properly. Go for hats that are made from natural materials such as a Bolga Hat. Folding up your scarf and adding it to a chair can also be a nice way to utilize a fashion accessory for interior use.

Rethink Your Textiles

Switching up your textiles or adding new textiles to the space is another great way to give your space a fun new look. You can look into getting a new rug, or maybe switching out the pillowcases for something a little more fun and neutral.