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A Tale Behind Tonga Baskets

When you buy a basket from the Choma region, you're not only buying a beautiful handcrafted item, but you're also helping to sustain the artisans. Artisans are able to generate an income from home rather than sending their family members out to seek employment by creating weaving baskets. This fair trade money allows people access to the most basic necessities such as clothes, food, health care, and education that they are entitled to by right.

The lack of improved roads in the region makes it difficult for artisans from distant villages to get to Choma, which serves as a center for showcasing their work. The government runs several free schools, but they are often more than ten kilometers away from home and require participants to wear school uniforms that many families cannot afford.

The additional money generated by basket weaving not only allows artisans to pay for these educational expenses, but it also allows them to purchase farm equipment, land, and livestock, resulting in long-term financial security and resources.

The Tonga baskets from this area are constructed from locally sourced, long-lasting materials such as palm leaf, twigs, and makenge tree roots. The makenge root, which is known for its durability, grows stronger with each harvest owing to frequent harvesting; it is a wonderfully sustainable material for basket weaving because of this.

Weavers construct these baskets with a woven twig center. Beautifully geometric patterns and designs emerge from the heart out to create one-of-a-kind objects. Weavers utilize natural plant dyes and recyclable materials, such as single-use plastic bags, to create vibrant colors in the designs.

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