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Bamileke Stool: A Century Old Tribal Stool

The Bamileke tribe is a subgroup of the Cameroon Grasslands' larger cultural group. Although the Bamileke people engage in similar artistic endeavors as their Bamum and Kom neighbors, their works have distinct features. As a result, the Bamileke Tribe has established some of Africa's most outstanding customs.

Bamileke Stools and tables are cut and fully fabricated in one go around using large tree stumps. The Bamileke people cut these into specific sizes and carve an entire stool or table from one single piece of wood, meaning there is zero room for mistakes.

The lumber is thrown into the river to soften it up for carving, and this is how they acquire their unique rustic latticework design. They're then hand-carved from the hardwood using an intricate rustic latticework pattern which can take a considerable amount of time to complete.

The Bamileke stools were exclusively employed for special ceremonial sitting by the Bamileke Tribe as a piece of royal furniture. The intricate woven designs incised into the wood symbolize the earth spider's web, which is a metaphor for wisdom. According to the Bamileke people, the earth spider's web is also a connection between this world and our ancient ancestors; carvings of it allow deceased loved ones to be connected to these rituals in spirit.

The bamileke stool is one of the most popular furniture items in modern times. The Bamileke stools are fantastic additions to any modern or tribal-inspired environment. The rich textures give your décor an organic, rustic, and earthy feel. These multifunctional pieces are ideal for use as a coffee table, nightstand, or small stool in any contemporary, eclectic home.