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Boho Obsession: Senufo Stool and It's Origin

West African Senufo stools have been all over the place lately. They're easily the most beautiful piece of wood furniture I've seen in a long time. They effortlessly blend rustic, worn, and rich wood tones with basic carved legs and a gently convex seat to create a breathtakingly classic item that is both elegant and comfortable at the same time.

Story Behind the Name

Senufo people of Ivory Coast have traditionally made these sculptural pieces of furniture ingenuity from a single piece of wood. The technique and design vary from artist to artist, with the finishing touches and ornamental materials being particularly relevant. Senufo Stools have the look of a hefty and heavy stool but most are surprisingly lightweight depending on the wood species utilized. Ebony and rosewood Senufo stools are the heaviest because of their weight.

Our Love for Senufo Stools

The versatility of the Senufo chairs is what makes them so fascinating. They may be utilized as a side table, display décor, a chaise piece, or a footstool. They're definitely bohemian, but they look good in both modern and classic settings and in any style of room.

They're available in a variety of wood hues to complement every color palette, from dark mahogany tints to softer browns with blonde legs. The good news is that they're produced by hand, ensuring that no two are identical.