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Bring the Savanna Home: Decorating an African-Inspired Bedroom

You've always been drawn to the beauty and mystery of the African savanna. The vibrant colors, natural textures, and exotic animals call to you. Why not bring a little bit of that adventurous spirit into your own bedroom? Designing an African-inspired space is easier than you might think. With a few key additions and some simple styling changes, you'll be waking up each morning feeling like you're on a thrilling safari adventure. 

In this article, we'll explore some tips and tricks for unleashing your inner explorer and crafting a bedroom oasis that pays homage to the stunning African savanna. Get ready for a decorating journey that will transport you halfway across the world without ever leaving home. The wilds of Africa are calling—it's time to answer.
Choose an Earthy Color Palette: Tans, Browns and Forest Greens
To create an authentic African feel in your bedroom, start with an earthy color palette of tans, browns and forest greens. Think warm shades of sand, cocoa, and moss. These nature-inspired hues will make you feel like you’ve escaped to an exotic savanna. Paint the walls in a rich tan or light brown. For trim and ceilings, choose a slightly lighter shade. Add natural wood accents like a rough-hewn bed frame, side tables, or storage trunks. Their rustic warmth complements the color scheme perfectly.
Include woven baskets, grasscloth, and leather in your decor. Baskets are great for storage and display, while grasscloth wallpaper or leather pillows introduce interesting textures. Don’t forget the floor! A sisal or seagrass rug, stone tiles, or unfinished wood floors complete the natural look.
To finish the space, include touches of green with houseplants, succulents or leaf-patterned fabrics. A final accessory like an African mud cloth, batik fabric or animal hide will give your bedroom an authentic ethnic vibe.
With natural materials, rich warm hues and handcrafted accents, you’ll drift off to sleep dreaming of the vast open plains and awaken feeling vibrant and wild. An African-inspired bedroom brings the spirit of adventure right into your own home.
Include Natural Textures: Rattan, Bamboo, Linen and Cotton
To get that rustic savanna vibe in your bedroom, natural textures are a must. Think light, breathable fabrics like:
Rattan and bamboo: Use rattan chairs, bamboo shades, or a bamboo headboard. Their natural wood tones and woven textures instantly evoke an African safari feel.
Linen: Linen bedding, pillows, and drapes are perfect. Linen wrinkles beautifully and gets softer with every wash. Its casual, lightweight feel will have you dreaming of the open grasslands.
Cotton: Quilts, blankets, rugs, and poufs made of cotton or cotton blends are ideal for a cozy savanna retreat. Look for prints that incorporate earthy colors like tans, browns, and burnt oranges.
Don’t be afraid to layer multiple textures together. A rattan headboard, linen sheets, a cotton quilt, and a fluffy bamboo rug would make a dreamy combination. Mixing and matching natural materials helps create depth and visual interest in your space.
With the right blend of textures, you'll feel like you're sleeping under the stars on the African savanna. And the best part? These natural materials are kind to the environment and breathable enough for hot summer nights. Your bed will become an oasis of comfort you never want to leave!
Bringing natural textures into your bedroom is an easy way to infuse warmth and capture the essence of the savanna. Start with just one or two items, then build on them to create your perfect safari hideaway. Sweet dreams!
Accent With Authentic Decor: Animal Prints, Baskets, Carvings and More
Animal Prints
Animal print fabrics and decorative accents are a must for an African-inspired bedroom. Consider zebra, leopard, giraffe or cheetah prints. Use them in moderation, such as accent pillows, a rug, decorative baskets or picture frames.
Too much animal print can make the room seem chaotic. Focus the prints in one area, like along a bench at the foot of the bed or in a cozy reading nook.
Carvings and Statues
Wood carvings, statues, and masks are wonderful ways to bring an authentic African feel into the space. Look for:
I) Hand-carved wooden animals like elephants, giraffes or rhinos
II) Tribal-inspired wood carvings with geometric patterns
III) Ceremonial-style masks to mount on the wall.
Place one or two larger pieces in the room and group smaller items together on a mantle, bookshelf or tabletop vignette. The natural wood tones will warm up the space.
Handwoven baskets made from natural fibers like raffia, seagrass or sisal are ideal for storage and display in an African-themed bedroom. Use them to store extra blankets, linens and pillows, corral items on your nightstand, like books, charging cords and a lamp, display greenery or other decorative accents.
Look for lidded baskets to hide smaller items from view. The texture and natural colors of the baskets will enhance the room’s rustic charm. Layering in accents like these will give your bedroom an authentic African vibe. Keep the overall look cohesive by choosing pieces with similar colors and materials. Your savanna-inspired space will be a welcoming retreat in no time!
With vibrant colors, natural textures, and bold patterns as your guide, you'll be waking up feeling like you're on safari every morning. Add a few decorative touches like woven baskets, carved wood accents or string lights and you'll have a space that's stylish yet soothing. The savanna comes alive at night, so don't forget to include ambient lighting to set the perfect mood.
Before you know it, you'll be dreaming of the sounds of the wild and waking up recharged for adventure. An African-inspired bedroom is a little taste of the wilderness in your own home.