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Different African Wall Baskets You Can Buy Online

The internet has been used to popularize African baskets and now they are known all over the world. All baskets from countries like Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Rwanda and Botswana are all featured on major social media websites like Pinterest and Facebook. This has increased their popularity across the globe and there are more and more people looking to buy and use them for wall decorations.

Various African baskets

If you are looking to add a simple and stylish element to a boring area of your home, choose one of the loveliest African wall baskets. Zambian baskets should be your first consideration because they are currently the hottest wall design trend. The most renowned ones are the Tonga baskets. These are made by the Tonga women of Southern Province of Zambia. They are hand-woven baskets with a perfectly-formed square bottom and a big, circular brim.

Moreover, you can look for Makenge baskets, also a type of Zambian African wall baskets designed by weaving the root of the Makenge plant. These have a shallower body than the Tonga bowls.  Just like Tonga bowls, the Makenge baskets were traditionally used as serving trays and for winnowing grains. Now they make excellent wall decoration elements and are exported to the U.S and other countries for this purpose.

There are also Zambian wedding baskets that are designed specifically for the brides. They are a type of traditional Makenge baskets. As they are inherited by new brides, they have to be constantly repaired with a brighter color root fiber to stay in good condition. These decorative wedding African baskets have very complicated designs and can be used to beautify walls. They can be combined with the simple-looking Tonga baskets to make an interesting basket wall art.

Apart from the Zambian baskets, there are also excellent ones from Senegal. These are made of plastic strips and natural turfs. Just like the Zambian ones, these shallow baskets were traditionally made for storing and serving dry food. They are purely hand-made and are so durable and inimitable. If you are looking to create a bold statement, then the colorful Senegalese African wall baskets are a good pick.

The best places to decorate with colorful Senegalese baskets are your kid’s bedrooms, especially your baby girl’s room. They are vivid, lovely and chic and can suit most little girls’ tastes and preferences.  As for the earthy toned Tonga baskets and Makenge baskets, they can suit your living room, bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, entryways or an outdoor space.

Moreover, you can decorate your walls with the Raffia baskets from Uganda. These are totally natural accessories designed with banana palm leaf stalks and raffia strips that are colored with natural plant dyes. These baskets have catchy designs and colors like rust, beige, navy and brown. Also used to hold items, especially special gifts, the Ugandan Raffia baskets are bought abroad for wall designing.

Making proper use of a wall basket

If you want to create a focal point above your fireplace, couch or another area, a single wall basket will do the trick. Ensure that you hang a large, attention-grabbing wall basket. And to prepare it for hanging, get clear fishing line and removable picture hangers. Feed the fishing line through a back coil of your African wall baskets and then create a loop. A two-inch loop will be enough to hang a basket that needs to be tilted down toward the viewer. This method of hanging African baskets can enable you to move them easily without damaging your walls.