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How to Achieve a Timeless Look In Your Home

If you’re wanting to make a statement in your home, then nothing can look better than a timeless space. These bring a lot of comfort and elegance that can endure the tests of time. Similar to fast fashion, interior design trends are popping up faster and faster thanks to social media. But if you’re wanting something that still looks modern and brings character no matter what year it is, you’ll want to go with something timeless. If this is something that you want to achieve, then read on for tips and ideas to achieve this look for your home.

Focus on the Functionality

To stand the tests of time, you’ll want to consider functionality. Functional pieces are not over the top but they’re also not boring either. When creating this functional space, pick furniture that will fit into the room perfectly but also something that you know will last. While it can be boring to think of energy efficiency and durability, these functional elements can also be beautiful as well. You’ll want to choose items that are scaled perfectly and the proportions are related to the size of the room in which they’ll be placed in. Well- proportioned interior will look good in a room, it doesn’t appear cramped or overpowered.

A timeless design is a classic design, so when you’re deciding on your furniture, you’ll want to steer away from busy patterns or have areas that are over-decorated. Less is more in a timelessly designed room, and there is enough balance to it. Choose colors that you like but also something that can withstand the tests of time rather than just some trendy color. If you are wanting a trendy energizing color, then try to incorporate it in accent pieces or small accessories rather than your furniture as a whole.

Get Inspiration from Trends

Interior trends come and go, similarly to fashion trends. You’ll need to look beyond trends if you’re serious about having a timeless look in your home. Timeless interiors tend to resist trends and focus on a more sophisticated style. Try to focus on styles and that you love and that you believe will make an impact on your home for years to come. Don’t rush to purchase furniture or large ticket items that clearly won’t be here to stay. Instead, just add some of these trendy colors or materials into accented pieces. Some examples will include bedding, items on tableware, and cushions. These sorts of items can be easily changed out when you’re tired of them.

Mix in Old with the New

Blending in old with new pieces can show multiple decades throughout the space so the room isn’t specified on just one time period. Antiques will become timeless once they’re paired in a modern-day setting, complementing the newer accents. This also helps to avoid the space looking as if it’s reminiscent of a trend. Antiques have made it this far, and they’ll most likely last longer than any of your brand new items that you buy from big retailers. By mixing these pieces, you’ll be creating a livable space that’s sophisticated, interesting, and has a story to tell. Antiques don’t need to be furniture, but can also be decorative accents as well. If you’re

looking for something a little more unique, then an African stool would be an excellent choice on your shelf or near a fireplace. Embrace your vintage pieces and pair them up with contemporary accents.

Less is More

A cluttered space isn’t a good look, no matter what the decade. All timeless spaces have a pulled-together look because it’s so clean and clutter-free. You’ll want to keep your décor simple. While your space doesn’t need to be minimalistic, it shouldn't be maximalist either. Try to balance out your room with some visual interest.

Decorate Your Space in a Classic Style

Classic styles are those that are both enduring but unpretentious. They are orderly, but also functional and comfortable overall. You’ll need to consider what your aesthetic is, and how it can work in the architecture of your home. Go ahead and take a look at the inside of your home, what are some of the shapes on the walls and ceiling? You’ll want to be well-balanced and play around with the symmetry.

If you have a fireplace in your living room, then this would be the focal point of the room. You’ll then want something that works with the focal point such as chairs, and maybe even artwork. You’ll also want to pay attention to the fabrics that you use. Classic style fabrics that are timeless would be fabrics such as velvets, cotton, and silk. These fabrics are very popular and are very elegant without being too bold.

Go with Neutral Colors

Timeless interiors aren’t all about color. While neutral colors have a very strong presence in the timeless interior. These are timeless because they work with any style or color palette.

Colors such as beige, grays, light brown, and whites brighten up the room and create continuity. These neutral palettes never go outdated and will always give a sense of relaxation. This doesn’t mean that you have to paint your room in neutral colors, you can instead introduce neutral colors in the form of furniture such as a sofa ,textiles like a rug, or even decorative accents such as baskets.

If you’re keen to splash some color into your home, try picking dark colors to complement a neutral palette such as dark greens, blacks, and navy blue. But if you’re wanting something a little bolder, then you can get a little flexible by layering bright colors in by having small pieces so they won’t be too overpowering in the room.

Modernize Your Space with Decorations

In order to achieve a timeless look with your home, you should consider adding some modern elements to it. Modernizing the space with some decorative accents such as art is a great way

to achieve this. This way, your interior will reflect today’s lifestyle and have a current feel to it. Sort through the personal items that you have, that you believe would be nice to showcase. This can be something such as souvenirs from a trip, photos of nature from a hike, or even something such as a handmade gift.

Not only will these add personality, but they also help convey the story that you’re telling by making your home both interesting and visually appealing. If you’re thinking of adding artwork, you could add paintings that use complementary colors or even a black and white canvas photo. This will help enrich your interior while reinforcing this timeless style.

Don’t Overcrowd

Timeless designs always respect the space that surrounds it. You’ll want your room to be a place where you’ll be able to move and breathe, this immediately feels open and welcoming. The furniture should not be crowded against each other and the surfaces shouldn’t be cluttered either. This all comes down to finding balance in between filling out space but not letting it look empty.

Buy Furniture with Clean Lines

Look into furniture that has clean and simple lines. These are very popular and can help facilitate a classic look. You’ll want to look for furniture that’s is well constructed rather than ornate. Any sort of ornateness and unusual shapes should be left for the decorative accents.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Home decorating has long been inspired by the nature we see around us, timeless decorating often includes natural elements to create a cozy space that’s been inspired by nature. Woven and cane furniture are stylistically versatile, as are the decorative accents made from the same material. These give off a nice texture and are often in neutral colors which fits perfectly into a timeless home. These pieces are often visually light and will look great wherever you place them. Some natural materials you could incorporate are floor baskets, cane mirrors, and wicker chairs.

Add Some Plants

Plants will forever withstand the tests of time. You can never go wrong with adding greenery to your home. There are rarely trends when it comes to plants anyways nor are they a new thing in interior design, so this alone will immediately evaluate your space. Plants promote clean indoor air as well as facilitate a connection to nature. There are diverse selections of plants to choose from pending on the conditions of your room.