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How to Bring African Inspiration to Your Bedroom

Africa is a beautiful continent that has many stunning artifacts and crafts. The craftsmanship from these countries has made influences on western interior design with its bold graphics and prints. Westerners have been interested in decorating in various African themes since the British colonized certain parts of the continent. This had Europeans incorporating designs into their own interiors. This is still very popular and beloved today as it’s timeless compared to most interior trends. If you’re looking to create a beautiful African-inspired bedroom then look no further. This guide will help you choose the best décor pieces to help you create a remarkable style to completely transform into the space of your dreams.

Know the Colors

Africa is a very large continent that contains many cultures, languages, and traditions. A lot of interior design elements stay somewhat constant or similar such as color choices. Some of the key components to color are natural and organic hues. This is very common for safari- inspired design. These earth-toned hues are pale gold, various shades of brown, light and dark earthy greens, red ochre, beige, and khaki. This color scheme works well can easily match animal print and many tribal designs.

Display African Masks on the Wall

A stunning wall decoration idea would be to hang some unique wooden masks up on a wall. An authentic handmade mask will not only bring the tribal look together for your space, but it displays the beauty of the tribe’s culture quite proudly. We offer a collection of rare and authentic traditional African masks. All of ours varying in sizes, designs, colors, with most being created in the second half of the 20th century. Our traditional masks, also known as Punu- Lumbo are native to the Ogooué River basin in Gabon. Most of these masks are characterized by their pigmented faces. These represent female ancestors of the area so the masks are often painted with a white symbol which signifies purity and peace. Some masks may have beads and metal works such as jewelry, which are often very rare pieces.

Add Some Baskets 

Displaying wall baskets above the bed will give for a very unique look and can really complement your bed décor. Arranging a few baskets can be very easy, you can simply mix and match with our Tonga and Rwanda baskets, or you can simply purchase a set of 6 that already complement each other. Our wall baskets range in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors so the possibilities are endless.

These handwoven baskets are made with local dyes from the area, sisal fiber, and palm stalks. These make for perfect editions to your African-inspired home décor because these are genuine artisanal pieces that come from African tribes. These baskets are made with natural elements which help retain a connection to nature. There are other types of baskets too that can be placed in empty corners such as the Bolga Floor Basket. These handmade baskets are quite large, so they can be used as a pot for indoor plants. Having tropical plants such as a palm tree can really help bring your interiors to life.

Your Wall Color

If you’re planning to change the colors of your wall to something more African inspired then there are some options for you. Color palettes using blues and greens are reminiscent of the fertile landscapes of Africa. Earthy tones such as light browns and beige can bring more tribal elements to your walls, while also being such a gorgeous upgrade. Adding pieces of similar colors such as wall art or other decorative accents will complete the look. But if you’re looking to go more bold or wild then animal print wallpaper can do just the trick.

Safari Patterns in the Bedroom

The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom. So when you’re choosing your bed set, plan accordingly to make sure it matches the rest of the elements in your transformed space. Draping your bed with an animal print bedspread is a very bold way to experience the wild African safari in your bedroom. Also by topping it off with zebra pillow covers for your throw pillows can be a great way to complete the look.

This can be a very bold and fun statement but you can still have a safari-inspired bed set without all the print. Check out bedspreads that are light brown, dark green, and khaki, then topping them with Kuba cloth throw pillows to bring it all together. This is far more subtle compared to the bold look of animal print but still holds to African influences. Just go ahead and get adventurous and create a unique look that you like that brings all the African elements together.

Animal Print Décor

If you’re wanting to go full tribal and full safari-inspired, then animal prints and African-native animal sculptures are a definite must. You can choose any African ethnic print you’re interested in or faux animal skin that goes well with your space. There are plenty of Zebra, giraffe, and cheetah print designs for textiles and small decorate accents that can easily be found at retailers and online.

Traditional African Home Décor

Authenticity is best, so why not look for genuine products? Traditional African home décor essentials would be things such as wall hangings, baskets, traditional vases, and wooden carved Senufo Stools. These are always handmade items that have a story to them. These beautiful antiques can enhance the beauty of your bedroom, or any space depending on how you display them.

This antique African stool is from the Senufo people of the Ivory Coast. They can look good in front of a bed replacing the traditional bench or standing near a side table, complementing it. Their pure simplicity includes a concave top and thick robust legs that give for a sculptural power and a beautiful touch of elegant minimalism. We offer a wide selection on our shop of authentic items from Africa that have been handmade, so you know you’ll be getting some genuine and traditional.

Bring in Artifacts and Antiques

Adding some exquisite artifacts or antiques is a great way to transform the empty spaces your bedroom may have. It can be masks, old baskets, antique African stools, or anything else of your choice. These are all rich and history and are stunning to display. You can find beautiful antique pieces from our selection, but you can also check at your local antique shops, as well as online.