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How to Create a Cozy Nook

Often when people think of “nooks”, those cozy little corners come to mind with cushions and a chair nuzzled next to a bookshelf. While this is a type of nook, that’s not the only thing that classifies one. These are just awkward little spaces and alcoves that can at times defy decorating such as underneath the stairs. These tricky little areas have their advantages though. They can add so much charm to your home while also serving a functional purpose. Whether you’re looking into decorating this awkward space to be used every day or just occasionally, here are some tips to create a stylish, yet practical nook.

Color Palette

One of the first things you need to do when figuring out how to style your nook would be asking yourself what sort of color palette you want. Depending on how much space you have, you may want this to be cohesive with the rest of the room. Also, think a little bit about color theory and what the purpose of this nook will be. If you’re styling a reading nook then you’ll want to relax, which means you should pick some neutral shades such as soft grays or a beige. If this nook is going to serve as a tiny home office then you’ll want to pick colors that help with productivity such as blue or red.

Comfy Seating

One of the basics of these little nooks would be having some comfortable seating. You’ll often find photos online of these little nooks featuring a club chair with an ottoman or even a chaise for a more traditional look. If you’re looking to be creative with your seating, you could even get a rocking chair. Just pick whatever goes with your intended style, but something also comfortable enough that you could easily sit in for a few hours. The whole point of a nook is to be comfy and cozy after all.

Side Table

A side table is excellent for placing your reading materials on, or even just your warm drink. You’ll want something that complements the chair. Depending on the size of your table, you may want to add decorative piece to bring in more dimension. Something such as a Senufo Stool is excellent for adding a bit of dimension to space as well as help frame the centerpiece of the nook. An antique such as this is a great way to add a bit of age to your little nook too.


What’s a nook without some cozy cushions? Depending on the seating you have for your nook, your chair may look a little naked. Adding some such as a throw pillow with a very decorative pillow cover is an excellent way to bring a touch of your personality and comfortable into this space.


Scent and interior design go together hand in hand. Aromatics help make a space inviting and enjoyable to be in. It just doesn’t work out if you have a lovely space, but it smells atrocious. A burning candle in a reading nook can be so invigorating. If you have a favorite candle, you can style it in a way where it won’t look out of place such as putting it on the side table or maybe even on a  shelf. If you’re not comfortable with candles, then you could try an essential oil diffuser or even  spray some air freshener for a nice aroma.


One great way to get a little more personality into your space would be to add some textiles. This could be tapestries, a throw blanket, a rug, or even just some pillows. This way, your space will look extra comfortable and inviting.


Natural lighting is always the best way to go, but it’s understandable that it’s not always controllable to get this light into these awkward spaces of your home. Artificial light is just fine too, and may even work better for this kind of space too. Adding something such as a standing lamp. can give off a warm glow to the nook. There are plenty of options, so you don’t even need to stick with just that.

Small lamps for side tables are excellent and can bring more attention to the seating. But lighting fixtures such as spotlights or pendant lights can work wonders as well in a nook.


While shelving is an excellent way to add some life to the wall, you should allow your mind to wander to see what else could complement the space. You could set up a gallery wall that includes some of your favorite pieces from posters, signs, photographs, and paintings. Maybe even a fun alternative to the gallery wall would be adding some adding texture by layering up some neutral colored handmade JuJu Hats. Just curate the style on the wall to whatever fits your taste and the style that you’re trying to achieve.


Plants can instantly add life to any space. They have the power to lift our spirits, bring us closer to nature, and purify the air in our homes. By bringing the outside in, they can help us reduce our stress levels and help lift our moods. These little nooks are made for relaxation, so why not surround them with plants? If you decide to choose large plants such as birds of paradise or palm trees, you can   have yourself a cozy little plant throne.


Depending on what type of nook you have, you may want floating shelves or maybe even a bookshelf. This is most prevalent for reading nooks though. You can accessorize this space by filling the shelves with some printed material, especially books. Any inspirational reading nook will have literature in a variety of forms. There are different ways to showcase your books as well. If you’re wanting to add some decorative accents, then you can stack your books on top of one another and place a decoration on top. If you’re using a floating shelf, you can use creative-looking bookends as a functional yet stylish accent as well that can make the shelf look tidier. Small antique decorative accents such as an antique African stool is a wonderful way to style a shelf in a nook. The dark browns from the wood make the space look very timeless and sophisticated.